“He’s a playful dude!” Eagles CB Darius Slay quashes the notion of QB Jalen Hurts being serious all the time

Jalen Hurts is not that serious as per teammate Darius Slay.

“He’s a playful dude!” Eagles CB Darius Slay quashes the notion of QB Jalen Hurts being serious all the time

(L) Darius Slay; (R) Jalen Hurts (Via Imago)

Jalen Hurts is often spotted with his serious and intimidating face in the public eye. He is perceived as an athlete who barely laughs in front of the TV or the media persons. A stereotype, in fact, has emerged that he is an angry young man who barely enjoys funny moments both on and off the field. This goes alongside his destructive figure on the turf.


However, that is not the case always. He laughs. Like other players performing on the turf, he also enjoys quality time with his teammates. These secrets have been revealed by his teammate Darius Slay. Through his YouTube channel ‘Big Play Slay’, the CB attested that Hurts is a funny guy, and he does make faces that lead him to laugh.

Everybody always thinks Hurts so serious. He do be looking serious all the time, but he’s a playful dude. He is a very entertaining young man. But he do make a lot of serious faces. I don’t know why the camera always catches his faces in serious moments. But I be laughing at the faces he makes too. I’m like 'Bruh you can put a smile on your face, you did just throw a Tub.' 

The Philadelphia Eagles are having a great time. They are enjoying a real treat on the gridiron. With 9-1, the Eagles are standing tall among others. They are presently the best team so far this season.

Their latest win came against the Kansas City Chiefs by a margin of 21-17. It was a close encounter between two teams who have been simply brilliant throughout the tournament. The Chiefs were standing with a 7-2 record ahead of the faceoff and after suffering a defeat, they moved down to 7-3, and lost their top seed from AFC.


The Eagles’ defense shined against the Chiefs

The Eagles had a great defensive performance against the Chiefs. They not only restricted the Chiefs to 17 points but also kept Patrick Mahomes a bit silent.

Darius Slay (Via ESPN India)

Though Mahomes managed two touchdowns, he was left with only 177 yards covered. In addition, the QB was subjected to an interception. Other Chiefs persons had too many fumbles (six) that created a roadblock to their victory.

Slay was also impressive against the Chiefs. With four combined tackles, he had quite a good impact. Overall, he has made 44 tackles in the season in ten games. However, at one moment, Slay was sent in the air by the Chiefs WR Rashee Rice after a 14-yard gain. The CB later joked about that moment.

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