“F*ck the NFL,” Emily Ratajkowski cryptically lashes out at the NFL amidst Damar Hamlin’s injury

“F*ck the NFL,” Emily Ratajkowski cryptically lashes out at the NFL amidst Damar Hamlin’s injury

American model Emily Ratajkowski seems to have had a change of heart. The 31-year-old posted a highly cryptic dismissive message on her official Twitter account in regards to the NFL.


The tweet came in at a time, when the NFL is going through a tumultuous phase with numerous questions raised regarding the safety of the players. Ratajkowski wrote, “Sorry but…fuck the NFL.”

Although the model did not specify the context of the tweet, speculations have linked it to Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s shocking life threatening injury. The 24-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest after being tackled by Bengals receiver Tee Higgins, and collapsed on the ground.

Hamlin received CPR on the field of play, and was eventually admitted to the hospital with the game being stopped indefinitely. The incident shook one and all, and prayers thronged in for the injured Bills player.


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Emily Ratajkowski posted a cryptic message cursing the NFL

Damar Hamlin

Since then there have been numerous questions raised on whether the NFL is safe for players, especially due to the fact that it is a physical contact sport. Emily Ratajkowski too seems to have been worried over this fact, although it is all conjecture at this point.

The only ray of hope that people received all over the world is the fact, that Damar Hamlin has fought through his initial struggles and started communicating with his family and friends in the hospital. Bills head coach Sean McDermott and his players gave him a standing ovation when they saw his face through video conferencing with Hamlin soaking it all in.

The 24-year-old even posted a message for all his fans for the first time after his injury, wherein he thanked each and everyone who prayed for him during this crisis.


“When you put real love out into the world it comes back to you 3x’s as much,” Hamlin said on Instagram. “The Love has been overwhelming, but I’m thankful for every single person that prayed for me and reached out. … On a long road keep praying for me!”

It now remains a long wait for Damar Hamlin to come back onto the field, but his injury has certainly posed critical questions for the senior officials to deal with in future.

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