Shocking facts about Donald Trump’s failed $1,000,000,000 bid to buy the Bills in 2014 surface during internal emails aired at his civil fraud trial

Donald Trump once owned the USFL team New Jersey Generals in mid-1980s.

Shocking facts about Donald Trump’s failed $1,000,000,000 bid to buy the Bills in 2014 surface during internal emails aired at his civil fraud trial

(L) Donald Trump; (R) Bills fans (Via Imago/X)

The Buffalo Bills are one of the oldest teams in the NFL. It was founded in 1960 by Ralph Wilson and was owned by him till his death in 2014. A change of ownership took place after Wilson’s death. Three known finalists were looking to buy the team. Terry Pegula and Kim Pegula, the owners of the NHL team Buffalo Sabres, were one of the finalists. The other was a group led by singer Jon Bon Jovi and the last finalist was former U.S. President Donald Trump.

Trump, who reportedly offered $1 billion in cash for the team in 2014, is engaged in a civil fraud lawsuit brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James. She has accused Trump of deceiving banks, insurers, and others by giving them statements that hugely inflated his assets.


According to some internal emails aired during the trial on Tuesday, investment bankers weren’t sure if the NFL would allow Trump to be an owner of a team.

Trump has little chance of being approved by the NFL. That being said, his strong show of support doesn’t hurt the process. 
then Morgan-Stanley executive, K. Don Cornwell, wrote to his fellow bankers in April 2014.

Trump had a role in the USFL’s antitrust suit against the NFL in the 1980s.

He probably does have the dough, but never know the real facts with him.
claimed another Morgan Stanley banker, Jeffrey Holzschuh

Trump had cited his net worth as $8 billion but never provided any statements to prove the same. The Bills were eventually acquired by the Pegula family and they have been the owners of the team since then. The Bills have been one of the best teams in the NFL in recent years and are contenders this season to win the Super Bowl. Trump has denied any wrongdoings.


Donald Trump has a history with professional football

Former U.S. President, Donald Trump is facing a civil lawsuit for allegedly defrauding banks and other insurers. His failed bid to acquire the Buffalo Bills in 2014 came to light during the trial on Tuesday. This is the first time Trump had been involved in professional football matters.

Walt Michaels (L), Doug Flutie (M) and Donald Trump (R)
Walt Michaels (L), Doug Flutie (M) and Donald Trump (R) (via ESPN)

Trump owned the USFL team, New Jersey Generals, in the mid-1980s and led the upstart league to sue the NFL during that time. He alleged that the NFL had monopolized professional football. The USFL won that battle but lost the war as the league folded shortly after.

The jury awarded the USFL just $1 in damages which was multiplied to $3 due to court rules. It totaled to $3.76 with interest. The jury at that time agreed with the NFL’s claims that the USFL had done itself more damage than the NFL ever did.


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