“It’s catching up nicely”: George Pickens amuses fans by doing the Antonio Brown dance

Rockstar Antonio Brown would be mighty pleased with what George Pickens recently did on the field.

Antonio Brown George Pickens
Antonio Brown George Pickens
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Antonio Brown is one of the most polarizing figures in all of sports and even when he’s away from the field he still sets trends. Brown who was last seen on a football field when he walked out during Bucs game against the New York Jets had been giving the music industry a try and went viral after his performance at Rolling Loud Miami, one of the biggest Hip Hop festivals in the world.

During the performance Brown revealed his self-created dance. The dance involves a person doing one point to the left and then to the right, repeating the moves as long as one desires.

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Antonio Brown’s wish heard by George Pickens

George Pickens
George Pickens at camp

The dance is quite simple that’s probably why it’s spreading like wildfire. Brown had earlier proclaimed via TikTok that he wants the dance to be the “celebration of the year” in the NFL.

George Pickens heard Brown as after scoring a great touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks, he celebrated by performing the dance and he did it quite well. Pickens the rookie wide receiver for Brown’s former team Pittsburgh Steelers is an electric player and a fan favorite.

The dance was good but the touchdown was even better, he caught a 26 yard pass from Mason Rudolph and completed a terrific toe-tap to stay in bounds in the back corner of the end zone. Pickens had quite a game catching 3 passes for 43 yards and the touchdown in limited action he had.

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