“He really is the whole package,” Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey’s girlfriend Olivia Culpo shared LUSCIOUS photo of grabbing his package on Instagram

Christian McCaffrey's girlfriend Olivia Culpo didn't hold back when clicking a picture with a cardboard cutout of the Panthers QB.

Christian McCaffrey has had a rough start to the season with the Carolina Panthers as they suffer 3 losses and 1 win. The Panthers lost their week 4 NFL matchup to the Arizona Cardinals with a score of 26-16.

The loss didn’t stop Christian McCaffrey’s girlfriend Olivia Culpo fr creating headlines as she posted a picture with his boyfriend while grabbing his package on Instagram.

The model was at the Bank Of America Stadium and shared a controversial picture with Christian McCaffrey’s cardboard cutout. The model posted the picture on her Instagram story with the caption “He really is the whole package!.” 

Christian McCaffrey and Olivia Culpo have now been together for three years and Culpo is genuinely the Panthers QB’s biggest fan. The sports illustrated model and Miss Universe winner reportedly flew multiple times from New York to Charlotte to watch the QB play.

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Christian McCaffrey is having a hard time finding his form

Christian McCaffrey
Christian McCaffrey

The Panthers QB Christian McCaffrey is arguably their best player currently in the squad but losses to the Giants, Browns and the Cardinals indicate that McCaffrey is struggling and needs to find his feat.

Christian McCaffrey played against the Cardinals despite missing the practice due to an injury. McCaffrey successfully recorded eight carries for 27 yards against the Cardinals bringing his total to 58 carries for 270 yards.

The Panthers QB Baker Mayfield has also disappointed so far this season and it looks like the Panthers will have a hard time in this season of the NFL. The QB was also booed by the fans in their home stadium as they lost to the Cardinals.

Christian McCaffrey is supposed to be the Panther’s mist reliable player and the RB still has to find the form that made him an exciting and electric player.

The Carolina Panthers will face the 49ers who just defeated the defending champions LA Rams indicating that the Panthers will have to be at their best if they look to challenge the 49ers.

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