WATCH: Patriots Jalen Reagor puts his foot on the gas with an incredible 98-yard touchdown on the opening kick against Bills

The kick returner for the Patriots had an incredible start to the game with his 98-yard kickoff return TD.

WATCH: Patriots Jalen Reagor puts his foot on the gas with an incredible 98-yard touchdown on the opening kick against Bills

Jalen Reagor's incredible 98-yard kickoff return (via Yahoo Sports)

The New England Patriots loss to the Buffalo Bills on New Year’s Eve was nothing short of painful. The visitors had the lead up until the end of the 1st quarter when the Bills overtook them with a field goal. However, the kickoff ought to have been motivating for the Patriots and they could not have asked for a better start to their night.

Jalen Reagor, the team’s designated kick returner received the opening kick on Sunday, he ended up taking it 98 yards and all the way to the endzone. Reagor’s stellar run gave the Patriots the immediate edge, the team had a 7-0 lead without even having their offense take a snap.

What made Reagor’s run more incredible was the fact that after running through most of the Bills’ defense, he almost tripped and brought the inaugural play of the night to an end. At the Bills’ 40-yard line, the kick returner almost tripped but he was quick to get his balance back as he spun past the final defender to take the ball home all the way to the endzone.

Jalen Reagor set the record for the longest kickoff return this season

With his 98-yard return, Reagor joined Marvin Mims Jr. of the Denver Broncos as the only other player to have a kickoff return this season. The Patriots’ KR still has an edge over Mims as his return was for 98 yards, which makes it the longest recorded this season.

Jalen Reagor
Jalen Reagor (via Forbes)

It was a wild start indeed to the game. As Rex Ryan stated ahead of the Patriots-Bills game,

Don't be surprised if Belichick. we've seen him do it before takes the air out of the football so to speak, they're going to run the heck out of it.

In a way, Rex Ryan was right. The Patriots rushed for 103 yards total as Bailey Zappe had a terrible night with 3 interceptions thrown.

Rex Ryan had some jokes ahead of the Bills-Patriots matchup.

The Buffalo Bills on the contrary rushed for 127 yards and Josh Allen threw an interception and had just 169 yards without any touchdowns. Chad Ryland and Tyler Bass fantasy managers must’ve had a good night because both teams were constantly sending their kickers back out there on the field. Despite Reagor’s incredible start, the Patriots failed to close out the game on a high.

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