Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey recalls seeing Jeff Bezos ‘making out’ with chicks in Miami

Marlon Humphrey was drafted 16th overall in the 2017 NFL Draft.

Ravens CB Marlon Humphrey recalls seeing Jeff Bezos ‘making out’ with chicks in Miami

Marlon Humphrey (L - via the channel/YouTube) and Jeff Bezos (R - via Sky News)

Super Bowl LIV was great. It was held in Miami and there were stars everywhere. One such celebrity who was in Miami during the Super Bowl week was Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. He was there to have fun as the Baltimore Ravens‘ CB Marlon Humphrey had some interesting stories about the billionaire businessman.


Humphrey talked about Bezos and his fun night in a Miami club during the Super Bowl weekend. He recalled Bezos partying hard into the night as he and former Kansas City Chiefs‘ TE Tony Gonzalez arrived at the club together. According to Humphrey, Bezos was seen ‘making out’ with chicks during the night. The Amazon head was certainly enjoying himself that night.

“It was the Superbowl in Miami, Bezos slides and out of nowhere him and that really tall, tight end, who was a Hall of Famer, curly-haired skinned Tony Gonzalez.” Humphrey said on his ‘Punch Line Podcast.’ “Bezos in there bobbing and making out with chicks. I’m building up confidence, and out of nowhere Bezos in like five seconds ducks off the back of the couch, just turns around and gets off.”

Humphrey also recalled that Bezos bought a couple of sections, one near the DJ and another a little far away. “Look up 30 seconds later, he’s in a whole another section. He bought two sections, I guess when it got too hot in the front, he was closest to the DJ booth.”


Humphrey, 27, was drafted in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft and has been one of the better cornerbacks in the league since then. The Ravens’ star is a three-time Pro-Bowler and was a first-team All-Pro selection in 2019. He hasn’t played this season due to a foot injury.

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Marlon Humphrey returns to practice after missing the start of this season

The Baltimore Ravens have a great team. They have stars all over the field. Their only Achilles heel in recent years has been injuries to some of these star players. One such player who missed the beginning of this season is CB Marlon Humphrey.

Marlon Humphrey
Marlon Humphrey (via CNBC)

However, Humphrey seems to have recovered from his foot injury as he returned to practice this week. The Ravens have started the season with three wins in four games. Humphrey’s return to the team will boost the Raven’s secondary.


The Ravens will face their arch rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Humphrey will join Brandon Stephens in the secondary. The Ravens are one of the contenders to make a deep playoff run this season and having their elite CB back will help them in their quest to the Super Bowl this season.

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