“Our a** was kicked!” Jason Kelce admits 49ers were a far better team than the Eagles during 19-42 beatdown

Jason Kelce has played 100% of the Eagles' offensive snaps this season.

“Our a** was kicked!” Jason Kelce admits 49ers were a far better team than the Eagles during 19-42 beatdown

Jason Kelce (via Billboard)

The Philadelphia Eagles came into their week 13 matchup against the San Francisco 49ers with a five-game winning streak. They had a record of 10-1 and were on a high. The Niners themselves were on a three-game winning streak and were rolling. Their week 13 matchup was one of the most anticipated games of the season and it did not disappoint.


The game quickly took a one-sided turn as the Niners ran the show for most parts of the game. They eventually won the game 19-42 and destroyed the high-flying Eagles. It was a humiliating loss for the Eagles who had beaten a shorthanded Niners team in last year’s NFC Championship game. The Niners promptly took their revenge and have now improved to 9-3. They are now just one game behind the Eagles in the NFC. Eagles’ All-Pro center Jason Kelce recently opened up about the game on his podcast, New Heights.

Kelce said on the latest episode of the podcast:

We got our a**** kicked. It wasn't a good performance. 49ers executed at a high level. They are a good team and kudos to them for putting together a good game. They got good players, great coaches, they're on a good streak right now. It was not a good performance by us.

The Eagles still hold the best record in the league and have already beaten a lot of top teams in the league. However, a 23-point loss against a fellow contender will dent their confidence going forward. They will play their next game against the Dallas Cowboys, another contending team in the NFC.


Jason Kelce defends the Eagles staff member who got ejected after a scuffle with the Niners

The Philadelphia Eagles-San Francisco 49ers game last Sunday was always going to be a chippy affair. During the game on Sunday, Niners’ LB Dre Greenlaw and Eagles’ chief security officer Dom DiSandro were involved in an ugly scuffle. They were both ejected from the game. The Eagles’ center Jason Kelce defended his staff member on his podcast New Heights.

Jason Kelce (L) and Dre Greenlaw's scuffle with Dom DiSandro (R)
Jason Kelce (L) and Dre Greenlaw’s scuffle with Dom DiSandro (R – via NBC Sports)

Kelce said:

 Dom is not the first person—coach, strength coach, staff member—that has separated people on a sideline who are getting in each other’s faces . Nobody wanted anything to happen. I know Dom, and I trust that what he was trying to do was defuse the situation. When people are on the sideline, people are getting together, people try to separate them. I don’t think it’s a huge deal either way.

He further added:

But I always love when Big Dom is getting air time, even though this might not be one of the best reasons to. He just means so much to our organization and is a guy that a lot of players love.

The Eagles lost the game 42-19 and are 10-2 for the season. The Niners on the other hand are just one game behind the Eagles and have a record of 9-3. There is a high chance that these two teams might meet each other during the playoffs this season.


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