Richard Sherman dubs the 49ers as the ‘most complete team’ in NFL after huge win over the Eagles

Richard Sherman believes the San Fran team does not have any weakness.

Richard Sherman dubs the 49ers as the ‘most complete team’ in NFL after huge win over the Eagles

Brock Purdy and Richard Sherman (Via San Francisco 49ers/The comeback)

Richard Sherman, the former legendary cornerback of the San Francisco 49ers, hasn’t lost his fondness for his team, as he calls them the best team in the league. There’s no doubt that the 49ers are among the top contenders, standing with the 9-3 leading the NFC West, but their recent victory over the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles has surely brought them great appreciation.


Since the beginning, the Hall of Famer has given his undying support to the 49ers, calling them “the best team in the NFL” in week 1 of this season. And now as the team has defeated the Eagles, who are at the top NFC seed with a 10-2 record, Sherman couldn’t be happier.

This was my expectation for this game--If the San Francisco 49ers are healthy, there is not a team that should be able to beat them, this season. The defense showed up, put a lot of pressure on Jalen Hurts. They were out there hitting. Then you got Brock Purdy -- four touchdowns, 148 passer rating.
said Sherman on The Richard Sherman podcast

The sports analyst also highlighted how wide receiver Deebo Samuel said a lot of things after last season’s loss to the Eagles in the NFC Championship game, which he stood by this time. He also mentioned Samuel’s statement where he called the Eagles cornerback “trash,” believing they won only because the 49ers didn’t have their star quarterback with them.

He said,

Deebo Samuel, he talked a lot in the offseason. He said a lot of things in the offseason. He said these guys were 'trash' and if we had our quarterback, we would've blown ya'll out. Well, they had their quarterback and they blew them out.

Sherman concluded his point by referring to the 49ers as a “complete” team, with no weaknesses, whatsoever.

How did the 49ers avenge their bizarre 7-31 loss to the Eagles?

As San Francisco outlasted Philadelphia at 42-19 in week 13, it seemed like they sure were the playoff contenders, chasing the No. 1 seed in the NFC. As the star QB Purdy couldn’t be there for his team last season at the NFC championship game due to his injury, he didn’t leave any chance for the Eagles to coup a comeback.

Purdy finished the game by throwing 314 yards and four touchdowns, which made fans demand to put him in the MVP conversation. Wide receiver Samuel, who trash-talked Philly and cornerback James Bradberry earlier, scored three touchdowns. Meanwhile, the Eagles’ quarterback Jalen Hurts, who is ranked top in MVP odds, had to be checked for a concussion in the week 13 game.

Deebo Samuel and Brock Purdy
Deebo Samuel and Brock Purdy (NBC Sports)

After a slow start with the first quarterback with 0-6, the 49ers owned the field from the second quarter, taking a 14-6 lead by halftime. The 49ers treated this game as an opportunity to avenge the NFC Championship loss of 7-31. And they sure stood by their words.


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