Alex Singleton’s attempt to bully C.J. Stroud horribly backfires as Texans’ offensive linemen shut him down

The Houston Texans O-linemen had their QB's back when an altercation broke out between him and the Broncos linebacker.

Alex Singleton’s attempt to bully C.J. Stroud horribly backfires as Texans’ offensive linemen shut him down

CJ Stroud and Alex Singleton (via AP)

The battle between the Houston Texans and the Denver Broncos got intense real quick. In the final minutes of the first quarter, an altercation broke out between C.J. Stroud and Alex Singleton when the linebacker rushed to take down the quarterback and shoved him even after the referees blew their whistle signalling an end to the play.

Singleton heard the whistle blow yet he decided to continue charging towards C.J. Stroud and shoved the quarterback. Stroud did not appreciate this push as it was uncalled for, the play was called off and there was no reason for Singleton to absolutely touch the quarterback. Stroud viewed this as straight-up disrespect and as a result, got in the face of the linebacker.


If you thought this was all, then you are in for a ride. At this point, the entire Texans’ offensive linemen led by guard Shaq Mason, Center Michael Deiter, and offensive tackle George Fant rushed to the defense of their quarterback. It came as no surprise when the trio managed to push aside Singleton and throw him around like a baby.

The Houston Texans’ O-line has C.J. Stroud’s back

Let this serve as a warning to all other teams across the NFL and the defenses in particular. C.J. Stroud is not to be messed with or else, one would have to deal with the wrath of his O-line. Everything about this play was incredible. It showcased the Texans’ unity on offense, the respect they have for their quarterback, and all of this in his rookie year. C.J. Stroud really is special.

Alex Singleton and CJ Stroud
Alex Singleton and CJ Stroud (via Forbes/AP)

It took a while for the Denver Broncos’ defense to get up there to back their man Alex Singleton up but they got there just in time for the officiating crew to split all the players up to avoid any further escalation. A flag was thrown on Alex Singleton after this play. Surprisingly, the referees did not throw any flags on the Texans’ offensive linemen for stepping in and retaliating.


The Texans currently lead the Broncos by 10 points, the score is 13-3 at the start of the 3rd quarter. It has been an odd night for C.J. Stroud who is yet to throw for a touchdown. Dameon Pierce scored the only rushing TD for the Texans. Russell Wilson has had an atrocious game as he has managed to throw for just 49 yards so far. It will be interesting to see the outcome of this game, will the Texans take this one or will the Broncos continue their streak of pulling a last-minute miracle and run away with yet another win?

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