WATCH: Alabama WR Jermaine Burton, who was once a Georgia player, mocks the Bulldogs fans after ‘huge’ SEC Championship win

On Saturday, Alabama defeated the Georgia Bulldogs in the SEC Championship game.

WATCH: Alabama WR Jermaine Burton, who was once a Georgia player, mocks the Bulldogs fans after ‘huge’ SEC Championship win

Jermaine Burton trolling Georgia fans (Images via Bobby Andrews/ X

On Saturday, the defending national champions Georgia Bulldogs suffered a huge loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide in their SEC Championship game. Now, Georgia’s college football playoff spot is in question following that brutal loss. Amidst this, the former Bulldogs wide receiver and current Bama receiver Jermaine Burton used the loss to dunk on Georgia fans.


In a short video shared by Georgia reporter Bobby Andrews, the Bama receiver Jermaine Burton can be seen trolling the Bulldogs’ students section with a broken heart gesture while his teammates were celebrating the victory in the midfield. Bama ruined the playoff hopes of the Bulldogs and Burton made sure to rub it in their faces.

The brief video of Burton trolling Georgia fans went viral on social media and accumulated more than 372k views within just hours of posting. Many Georgia fans were pissed by Jermaine Burton’s action and heavily criticized him. Check out the footage of Burton’s celebration attached below.

Burton spent 2 seasons with the Georgia Bulldogs before transferring to Alabama back in 2022. He played a solid role in Bama’s win today as he caught 1 touchdown pass. Furthermore, Burton had a solid 2023 campaign with the Crimson Tide as he caught 33 passes for a career-best 749 receiving yards and 7 receiving touchdowns.


Nonetheless, Alabama potentially managed to ruin the 3-peat dreams of Georgia fans by defeating the No.1 ranked team in the SEC Championship game on Saturday. Bama is not hopeful of a playoff spot too, since they already have suffered a loss against the Texas Longhorns earlier this season. But their fans would be more than happy after they potentially ruined Georgia’s chances to win three straight titles.

Did Alabama stop Georgia Bulldogs from winning 3rd straight title?

Coming into the SEC Championship game, all Georgia had to do was to defeat the Alabama Crimson Tide to secure a playoff spot. But they failed in that and suffered a brutal loss against their rivals.

Brock Bowers Georgia Bulldogs Alabama Crimson Tide Jermaine Burton
Brock Bowers (Via SI)

Now, the 1-loss Bulldogs are hoping to get into the playoffs, but the CFP committee might not give them a shot over multiple 0-loss teams including Pac-12’s Washington and ACC’s Florida State.

0-loss conference winners Michigan Wolverines, Washington Huskies, and Florida State Seminoles are almost guaranteed to enter the playoffs. For the remaining 1 spot, 1-loss teams Texas, Alabama, and Georgia are hopeful to get a shot. Nonetheless, the final CFP rankings will be released on Sunday, but the committee certainly has a chaotic situation on their hands.


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