Jets HC Robert Saleh takes a dig at WR Allen Lazard claiming he hasn’t been playing ‘up to his standard’

WR Allen Lazard used to have a dynamic parternship with QB Aaron Rodgers when they were together in the Green Bay Packers.

Jets HC Robert Saleh takes a dig at WR Allen Lazard claiming he hasn’t been playing ‘up to his standard’

Allen Lazard and Robert Saleh (via AP News/Marca)

It looks like the New York Jets aren’t taking any risks moving forward after suffering six losses this season. Wide receiver Allen Lazard signed a four-year contract with the Jets worth $44 million as a free agent. However, he wasn’t seen near the field in Friday’s game against the Miami Dolphins.

While preparing for the game against the Dolphins, head coach Robert Saleh was very clear: he didn’t want to have any holes in his offensive ship. And by that hole, he meant Allen Lazard, who he believes isn’t playing up to his standard this season.


Unfortunately for the Jets, Lazard didn’t seem to be the only problem. The team crumbled in front of the Dolphins and had to accept defeat at 34-13. In the post-game press conference, the head coach, Saleh, explained to the reporter why Lazard was not playing. He stated that it was his decision and there are various things to get better at.

He is going to be here for the next year-and-a-half. He’s going to be a part of this. Just wanted to make sure that one, I wanted to get some of the young guys an opportunity to play; and two, it’s kind of a challenge to see if he can recapture the edge and who he is and the person that we have a lot of faith in.
Robert Saleh

Robert Saleh still has faith in the wideout Lazard, saying “he’s a good football player. I do believe that.” He also mentioned that the wide receiver would be back very soon. When the reporters asked why the head coach thinks that Lazard has lost his edge, Saleh improvised his statement.

He said that Edge was probably the wrong word and apologized. Moreover, he said that he would speak for him. Allan Lazard also added that the player hasn’t been playing up to his standard.


The irony of the Jets’ preference for Aaron Rodgers over Allen Lazard

It’s a bit ironic how the Jets are more inclined toward getting Aaron Rodgers back. The latter only played four snaps this season and then sustained an Achilles injury that kept him benched for most of the season. And as the Jets are now standing at 4-7, there’s literally not much of a point in getting Rodgers this season.

Aaron Rodgers and Allen Lazard
Aaron Rodgers and Allen Lazard dynamic partnership (Via Pro Football Network)

However, in the case of Lazard, who is among the top wideouts, he has been named a healthy inactive. It is until he regains his standards to the level of HC Saleh. Lazard was signed earlier this year, in March. It was mainly to get Rodgers to join the Jets, as he announced he no longer wished to be with the Green Bay Packers.

The two were known to have a reliable dynamic in the Packers, but since Rodger got injured at the very start of this season, Lazard has struggled greatly to produce but still hasn’t.


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