San Francisco 49ers exempt Jimmy G from attending mandatory minicamp solidifying the narrative that Trey Lance is their official QB1

The San Francisco 49ers are officially done with Jimmy Garoppolo, the team has exempted the QB from attending their mandatory minicamp sending a strong hint that Trey Lance is the team's new starter

Trey Lance & Jimmy Garoppolo
Trey Lance & Jimmy Garoppolo

It is the end of an era in San Francisco, not the best era but not the worst either. Jimmy Garoppolo led the team to a Super Bowl but was not able to close out that season, he led the team to multiple post-season runs but despite him being good enough during the regular season, he has always come up short when the team needed him to step up the most during the most crucial of situations. To add salt to his wounds, the fact that he sustained a shoulder injury last season on his throwing arm does not help his case either.

The quarterback is currently undergoing rehab and has been doing so for months by this point, the San Francisco 49ers have desperately attempted to find trade offers for the quarterback but they have overvalued him and are expecting a lot in return which has led to no team wishing to trade for Jimmy G. There is also a possibility that in the event if Trey Lance ends up playing bad during the first three to four games of the season, then the team can put Jimmy G back in order to save the season as under no circumstance do the 49ers want to have a losing season this year.

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All signs point to the San Francisco 49ers going all-in on QB Trey Lance as the future:

Trey Lance & Jimmy Garoppolo
Goodbye Jimmy G, Hello Trey Lance, It is the dawn of a new era in San Francisco

As per the latest report by Tom Pelissero, the 49ers organization has informed Jimmy Garoppolo that he will be excused from having to attend this week’s minicamp which is mandatory unlike the other OTA or Organized Team Activities which were voluntary in nature. The team cited that Jimmy is still undergoing rehab on that injured shoulder away from the team facility but that appears to be them just masking the fact that they want him away until they decide if they want to trade him if they get any good offers or if they wish to keep him as sort of a plan-B option.

However, exploring trade options continues to be the team’s first priority. This is great news for Trey Lance, the entire offseason, there has been a lot of confusion and ambiguity surrounding who will be the 49ers’ week 1 starter. From the latest developments, it appears that Lance has secured the job. His teammates have also been in awe of his prowess and have praised him on multiple platforms suggesting that he has a ‘high ceiling’ and is a team player.

To top it all off, his most recent press conference response where he stated that he does not care about what reporters have to say or what critics or haters had to say and that the only voices that he truly cares about are the ones in the locker room. The Trey Lance era has officially begun now, it is to be seen how good the young quarterback turns out to be!

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