“Get a bucket hat like mighty Joe”: Joe Burrow breaks the internet with his bucket hat outfit at UFC 276

Fans on Twitter went berserk after spotting Bengals QB Joe Burrow in a bucket hat at UFC 276

Joe Burrow at UFC 276

Joe Burrow is one of the poster boys of the NFL at the moment. He had a magnificent season last time around. Whenever the Cincinnati Bengals needed him, he was there to drag his team out of trouble. Even under extreme pressure, the team from Cincinnati was able to win games after games and a lot of credit for it has to go to mighty Joe.

His individual performances and his leadership quality paved the way for the underdogs to make it big. Although the Bengals couldn’t cross the line in the final battle, they sure earned a lot of fans and are now being considered serious contenders for the 2022 season.

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Joe Burrow’s latest look at UFC 276 is going viral

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Joe Burrow

As there is still some time before the preparations for the coming season go underway, several top NFL stars have been spotted relaxing and having fun away from the field. While the GOAT Tom Brady is spending some quality time with his family in Italy, Joe Burrow was recently seen enjoying some of the UFC action.

Burrow was spotted sitting on the ringside enjoying the UFC spectacle last Saturday. However, what absolutely stole the show and attracted everyone’s attention was Joey’s outfit. The Bengals QB was seen sporting a bucket hat outfit which, as expected, ended up being the topic of discussion on Twitter.

Without a doubt, Joe’s style of dressing up always ends up making the news. Who can forget what he came in wearing at the Super Bowl. The man is steadily creating a league of his own and he thoroughly deserves it. It will be interesting to see how he performs in the coming season.

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