WATCH: Joe Burrow pulls up with Bengals teammates Ja’Marr Chase, DJ Reader, and Sam Hubbard to watch LeBron James compete against Kevin Durant

Joe Burrow and his teammates were spotted enjoying the game between Kevin Durant and LeBron James on an off day. 

WATCH: Joe Burrow pulls up with Bengals teammates Ja’Marr Chase, DJ Reader, and Sam Hubbard to watch LeBron James compete against Kevin Durant

Joe Burrow (Via Imago/X)

Joe Burrow was spotted in a light mood. After last season’s disappointment, the Bengals team is trying to turn the table upside down, and Burrow can play a pivotal role in it. 


The QB had a poor injury-ridden time last season as he suffered multiple injuries. The latest one came against the Baltimore Ravens. Burrow broke his finger and was ruled out of the league. The quarterback would try to have a ‘healthy’ 2024–25 season. 

Despite getting injured, the quarterback used to come and attend the defense meetings of the Cincinnati Bengals team. The QB’s effort was praised by the defensive coordinator, Lou Anarumo, as he found Joe Burrow a perfect team man, always standing up for the team’s cause. 

The recent action by Joe Burrow also reflected his devotion to his team. The quarterback was spotted with a bandage on his hand as he was enjoying the game between LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Notably, it was evident that the QB was recovering from injury.


Joe Burrow was seen with his teammates like Ja Marr Chase, DJ Reader, and Sam Hubbard. It was a part of the team-building process. 

Interestingly enough, not just attending the game, the wide receiver of the team was also seen talking with none other than LeBron James himself. Multiple videos tried to sync the lips between the two, but nothing fruitful came out. 

The NFL world is betting high on Joe Burrow. After the Chiefs managed to win their second consecutive Super Bowl, bets started getting heavy on Joe Burrow. Multiple analysts have claimed that the quarterback can be the only answer to the Chiefs’ dominance in the NFL. 

Burrow believes that it will be a task to beat the Kansas City Chiefs

Despite multiple claims by the analysts and teammates, Joe Burrow knows that the job will be really hard for him. According to an article in Sports Illustrated, the quarterback stated that the Bengals would have to do a very difficult job to beat the Chiefs, who are in incredible form. 

"I'm taking him over Joe Burrow!" - Jake Browning gets hyped by Bengals fans for his iconic 354 yards outing against the Jaguars
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Jake Browning (7) celebrates after beating the Jacksonville Jaguars in overtime at EverBank Stadium (Via Imago)
It's easy to say it's harder to do, right?--We've been there we've done that, but who knows how it would have played out. You know, I was confident in where we were heading in the direction that we were going within the season. 
The quarterback stated.

Joe Burrow is the only quarterback who won against Patrick Mahomes in the playoffs. The QB won the AFC Championships by beating the Kansas City Chiefs. It is to be seen whether he manages to do it again in the next season.

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