“The legend continues!” – Joe Flacco, who won Comeback Player of the Year last season, signs $8.7 million deal with the Colts, fans react

The Indianapolis Colts signed Joe Flacco as a backup quarterback.

“The legend continues!” – Joe Flacco, who won Comeback Player of the Year last season, signs $8.7 million deal with the Colts, fans react

Joe Flacco (via Imago)

Joe Flacco is all set to join a new team for the 2024-25 season. The free agent, who was released by the New York Jets after the 2022-23 season, joined the Cleveland Browns as a result of their quarterback crisis. The QB showed immense perseverance last season and led his team to the playoffs. His performance was well-appreciated by the NFL and he won the ‘Comeback Player of the Year Award’ over Damar Hamlin.


After the 2023-24 season ended, speculations started looming about whether Flacco would stay with the Cleveland Browns. Nevertheless, ESPN journalist Tony Grosi revealed that the quarterback was preferring to stay with the Browns.

However, the quarterback seems to have had enough. He was waiting and finally, with the deal with the Indianapolis Colts, his wait is over. Flacco will be an Indianapolis Colts player in the coming season. However, his starting position is not secure. As things stand right now, Anthony Richardson is the starting quarterback for the Colts and Flacco will be the backup.

As per reports, Flacco’s departure was almost sure from the Browns. The team did not offer him any contract as they were sure about Deshaun Watson as their starter. The quarterback’s performance failed to create an impact on the minds of the management.


Fans on social media react to Joe Flacco’s move to the Colts

After Flacco decided to join the Colts, the fans went wild and shared their excitement on X. The fans liked the way he performed for the Browns last year and that was the sole reason for them to rally behind the quarterback.

Flacco had one of the best seasons in his career last year. The QB had 13 touchdowns and eight interceptions. In addition, he covered 1,616 yards with a passing competition rate of 60.3%. His efficiency was key to the success of the Browns last season.

Considering that, the fans shared their love on X. Check out some of the comments that they made. They were happy to know that the veteran would still play football for at least one more season.

The Colts did not have a good result last season. It is to be seen whether they manage to make it this year with the services of both Flacco and Richardson.


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