Where does Roger Goodell live? All houses owned by Roger Goodell

Learn all about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's impressive real estate portfolio and exactly where he lives with his family.

Where does Roger Goodell live? All houses owned by Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell's properties (Credits: AP, SI Inc, The Journal)

The NFL has seen unprecedented success under the tenure of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Goodell has been at his office since 2006 and is about to continue his stay until March 2027, owing to his new contract signed with the league. Amid all speculations regarding Roger Goodell, how much do we know about his houses and exactly where does Goodell live?

Roger Goodell was born to Charles Alfred Goodell and Jean Rice Goodell in Jamestown, New York. He would attend the Bronxville High School, where he did exceptionally well as a young athlete. Unfortunately for Goodell, he could not pursue college sports due to injuries and graduated with a degree in economics from Washington & Jefferson College. 


It was in 1982 that he joined the NFL league office as an intern and eventually worked his way up before being named CEO of the NFL in December 2001. Afterwards in his career, Goodell assumed the commissioner’s office in August 2006 and has been serving in his position ever since. 

As Roger Goodell is set to continue with the league until the end of the 2026 NFL season, exactly where does he live? Here’s what you need to know about Roger Goodell’s houses and the properties he owns.

Where Does Roger Goodell live?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell lives with his family in their Bronxville mansion in New York. The property, valued at over $4.1 million in the current market, cost Goodell about $4.8 million when he bought it back in 2005. The luxurious mansion has six bedrooms and five bathrooms with all the modern amenities and exceptionally tailored architecture.

Roger Goodell's house in Bronxville, Westchester
(via The Journal)

The mansion situated in Westchester County is the primary residence of the Goodell family. Roger has lived there with his wife Jane Skinner and their twin daughters since acquiring the mansion in 2005.

Address: Bronxville, Westchester, New York, United States. 

Properties owned by Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his wife Jane Skinner own a pretty impressive portfolio of properties. Their real estate portfolio includes the Bronxville mansion in Westchester and a summer house in Maine. Previously, they had sold their Upper East Side Manhattan condo, which cost about $2.72 million to the new owners. 


Westchester Mansion

It is in their Bronxville, Westchester mansion that Roger Goodell and his family currently reside. Goodell acquired the property for about $4.8 million back in 2005. It is now estimated to have a $4.1 million market value currently.

Roger Goodell's westchester house
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The house has six beautifully interiored bedrooms and five bathrooms with expansive lounging areas and living spaces. It is accommodated with all the modern amenities and expansive grounds surrounding the mansion. Needless to say, Roger Goodell’s family residence is a beauty to behold.

Back in 2020, Roger Goodell conducted the NFL Draft online, from his Westchester house, for the first time in the history of the sport.

This will be my home for the next 3 days. Can't wait. Draft Day 2020 ... much different than we ever imagined, but it's gonna be fun.
Goodell said prior to the event.
Roger Goodell hosting the NFL draft from his Westchester house basement
Roger Goodell hosting the NFL draft from his Westchester house basement (via AP)

Roger originally dubbed their family residence the ‘Goodell Family Cave’. His wife Jane Skinner later corrected that their basement was Roger’s ‘Man Cave’ in the house.

Address: Bronxville, Westchester, New York, United States. 

Maine Summer House

Roger Goodell and Jane Skinner also have a holiday house in Maine. The property was built in 2013 in Scarborough, Maine. 

Goodell summer house
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It has been one of the Goodell family’s go-to holiday destinations. Although there is very little information about their Maine summer house, it is reported to have four bedrooms and four bathrooms, with extensive living spaces and all the modern amenities.

Address: Scarborough, Maine, United States.

Manhattan Condo

The Goodell family had previously owned a $2.5 million property in Upper East Side, Manhattan. The luxurious condo was originally sold for a price of $2.72 million, adding to the stocks of the Goodell family. 

Roger Goodell and Jane Skinner
Roger Goodell and Jane Skinner (via Imago)

Seemingly, Roger and Jane did not find the property necessary because they mostly spent their holidays in their Maine summer house. The Goodells usually reside in their Westchester house for the majority of the year.

Address: Upper East Side Manhattan, United States.


Q. How old is Roger Goodell?

Roger Goodell is 64 years old.

Q. How old is Jane Skinner?

Jane Skinner is 59 years old.

Q. Where does Jane Skinner live?

Jane Skinner lives in their family mansion in Bronxville, Westchester.

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