Where does Lebron James live and how many properties does he have?

A close-up look at LeBron James’ fantastic property portfolio and his current residence.

Where does Lebron James live and how many properties does he have?

LeBron James’ house and properties (Image: FS)

NBA superstar LeBron James is one the greatest players to ever grace the court of basketball and has dominated play since he entered the league at the age of 18. The boy from Akron, Ohio, was one of the most hyped-up draft prospects and he surely did lift up to the hype as the player now has four championships to his name with different teams, four NBA MVP awards, four Finals MVP and other laurels, of which the list is endless.


The 39-year-old who is now playing his 21st season in the league has surely amassed a lot of wealth and properties in the process of gaining so much fame and such a high stature. LeBron James is one of the biggest icons in the NBA as the sheer dominance of the player in comparison to his other counterparts has brought him the fame barely a few other people in the league have.

LeBron still continues to dominate the way he did back when he was younger, and his ratings continue to go up no matter what happens. Let us now take a closer look at All-Things-LeBron and get to know about his properties, his wealth, where does he live, and much more information which his die-hard fans should definitely know.

Where does LeBron James live?

LeBron James is winning on and off the court as the player lives a splendid life in a mansion big enough to house all our dreams and probably even a lot more than that. LeBron James became the first player in the history of the sport to amass 1$ billion in earnings as an active player and leads the list of the net worth of current players in the NBA through his various endorsements, his playing career, and his off-court business ventures.

LeBron James' house in Beverly Hills
LA Lakers superstar LeBron James’ house in Beverly Hills (Via realtor)

LeBron James lives a lavish life in the Beverley Hills of Los Angeles, California as the player resides in a 13,000 square feet mansion with a 9,000 square feet front courtyard accompanied by a total area of 2.5-acre property. The luxurious piece of property has all the modern amenities and an equally glamorous decor.

This seems much more than is required by LeBron James and the rest of his four family members. But clearly, the King loves to live his life in style in the mansion which is worth over a whopping $38.6 million.

LeBron James and family
LeBron James and family (Via Instagram)

Beverly Hills which is one of the richest localities in the world is home to a lot many people of higher stature. However, even in that group, LeBron decided to have one of the biggest mansions to himself and lead an almost regal lifestyle.

LeBron shifted to his humongous mansion in Beverley Hills from Ohio, after he signed a $154 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers in the year 2018. Let us now take a closer look at the other properties held by LeBron James across the United States of America.


What are the other Properties owned by LeBron James?

LeBron James is surely living the best life possible through the money the player has amassed in his 21-year long career in the NBA, which is still going on. His dominance and stardom continue to climb with time, and so does his property portfolio.

Mansions in Brentwood, California

LeBron James owns multiple properties across America including his Beverley hills mansion which he currently resides in. James, while he was in Ohio, brought a mansion in Brentwood, California for $21 million in Rockingham Drive after selling his $12.5 million waterfront mansion in Miami.

LeBron James' house in Brentwood
LeBron James’ house in Brentwood (Via dirt)

The 9,440-square-foot mansion was a statement of luxury. James who carefully brought this property in one of the richest localities in California due to Los Angeles being his second home, sold the property for a price of $19.6 million eventually in September 2021.

Beverly Hills Mansion

LeBron James then brought another mansion in Brentwood, California for $23.5$ million which he still owns, and then shifted to his massive Beverley Hills Mansion which he brought for $38.6 million and that is where he currently lives.

View from LeBron James' current abode
View from LeBron James’ current abode (Via JIM BARSTCH)

The property spans across 2.5 acres of land and has all the modern amenities. The LeBrons often host their get-togethers with family and friends here. The estate was built originally in the 1930s and have since been renovated on different occasions.

Interior of LeBron James' current house
Interior of LeBron James’ current abode (Via JIM BARSTCH)

The value of the estate is on the rise and the property is currently valued at an additional 7.4% of the original price the NBA star acquired it for. LeBron also holds other valuable properties across United States specifically in the cities where he has played in, including Akron, Cleveland, Miami and currently Los Angeles.

Ohio Mansion

LeBron James’ Ohio property is one of the first estates he acquired since starting his professional career. The property spans across seven acres of land and the current mansion built on the estate is a massive 30,000-square-foot beauty.

LeBron James' Ohio property
LeBron James’ Ohio property (Via zillow)

Although the family no longer lives there, LeBron James still owns the house. The two-story property has six bedrooms, spacious living and lounging spaces along with the most modern amenities. Clearly, the mansion is special to the NBA star as it remains one of the first properties he had acquired in his career.



Q. Where does LeBron James live now?

LeBron James lives in his Beverly mansion in Los Angles, California, with his family.

Q. Who are there in LeBron James’ family?

LeBron James lives with his wife, Savannah, and their three children in LA, California.

Q. Who are LeBron James’ children?

LeBron James and Savannah James have three children, Bronny, Bryce and Zhuri.

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