“DEFINITELY, wasn’t sad at all seeing him go to Miami”: Broncos Safety Kareem Jackson is relieved to see Tyreek Hill out of his division

Broncos Safety Kareem Jackson was relieved to hear that he will no longer have to cover Tyreek Hill as the former Kansas City Chief has now been traded to Miami and is in another divison

Kareem Jackson

Tyreek Hill has not earned the moniker ‘Cheetah’ for no reason. The man can run, he has one of the best 40-yard dashes in the NFL combine as well clocking in at 4.29 seconds. He has run faster than this on unofficial occasions. Tyreek is not only fast but he is also an excellent route runner which is why he is the biggest nightmare for all defensive backs and safeties. By the time a defensive player can figure out what route Hill is running, he would have caught the ball and would be headed towards the end-zone while flashing a peace sign at you. It kind of makes sense that Denver Broncos Safety Kareem Jackson is relieved to see that the wideout is no longer in his division as he was traded to the Miami Dolphins.

Kareem recently re-signed with the Denver Broncos, he appeared on the Colin Cowherd show to discuss the reasons for him to sign again. The Broncos have had an amazing offseason where they have virtually covered all their bases and the team has no visible position lagging at least on paper. In all likelihood, the Broncos will win the division and could even make the Super Bowl.

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“He’s gonna bring the best out of you, him in that offense was lethal”: Kareem Jackson on Tyreek Hill

Russell Wilson
Broncos Safety Kareem Jackson believes that Russell Wilson is a key piece that the team needed to get out of the AFC West

For Kareem Jackson, resigning with the Broncos was a no-brainer, and the new locker room is rejuvenated and re-energized due to the offseason signings such as Russell Wilson, Randy Gregory, and DJ from the 49ers have been huge and ensured that the team would essentially make it out of the AFC West. Colin asked him about the biggest offseason move for the team, getting QB Russell Wilson, “That’s a huge piece, I knew in the back of my mind, I was always going to sign back, (his signing) has changed everything, the energy from the locker room to the cafeteria, it’s different, it’s upbeat in the locker room,” Jackson said indicating that Wilson has had an immediate impact on the team.

“Obviously the offensive guys are excited about it, anytime you can add a QB like that, a guy that has seen it all, he’s won the big games, just his leadership, and everything he brings on and off the field, it just changes everything,” Kareem had some high praise for Wilson.

Coming to Tyreek Hill, that was one of the best days for Kareem when he was traded, “You love competing against a guy like that, he’ll bring the best out of you but him in that offense in Kansas City, those guys were lethal and his elite speed. Seeing him go to Miami, I wasn’t sad at all, I wish him the best but I am happy that I won’t be seeing him twice a year now.” Kareem is glad that he does not have to face off against Hill anymore.

Overall, the safety is really excited to be a bronco, and especially this season, he admires the new coach Nathaniel Hackett who he thinks is amazing and understands the players. This Bronco team is probably the most talented team that Kareem has played for, they do not really have any visible flaws. We have to see how good the team’s chemistry pans out on the NFL field.

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