Keyshawn Johnson claims Josh Allen’s Bills might not qualify for the playoffs this season amid a series of poor results

Bills' QB Josh Allen put the blame on the whole team for the Week 10 loss to Broncos.

Keyshawn Johnson claims Josh Allen’s Bills might not qualify for the playoffs this season amid a series of poor results

Josh Allen and Keyshawn Johnson (Via NFL/X)

This season’s first 10 weeks sure have seen many surprising events, however, no one could have even imagined what happened to the Buffalo Bills. Seems like the AFC divisional team has fallen into oblivion as they ranked 10th within the divisional standings.


Josh Allen led the Bills and tried to bring back the team’s old form in Week 10, however, it backfired on them. And the Bills experienced an indefensible, jaw-dropping 24-22 loss against the Denver Broncos on Monday Night.

Following this loss, the team has fallen off to a 5-5 record as they face a gauntlet of seven games which in comparison to their current record is the third-toughest closing schedule in the NFL. This means the odds of the Bills making it to their fifth consecutive post-season appearance is close to nothing.

Pointing this out, ESPN analyst, Keyshawn Johnson put forward his strong beliefs claiming Josh Allen’s Bills may not be able to qualify for the playoffs seeing their poor results this season.


Johnson said in the Undisputed’s recent episode:

When you talk about who's to blame for the sloppy plays, I think it goes all the way around. Typically, in the teams that I have been on with some of the coaches that I've played for, this would have never happened at the end of a game….because in that situation, you're going to leave your defense on the field, you're probably not gonna exchange anybody …they're now going to kick a field goal.

The former NFL wide receiver blamed the lack of head coach and defensive coordinator Sean McDermott for the Monday night game, and not the players, saying:

This is on Sean McDermott, this is not on the players… It's on the special team coach to know 'Hey! we just probably practiced this on Friday, before we started our walkthrough. We practised this on Saturday before we left to go to our hotels. It's no excuse at all.

Moving forward, Johnson also highlighted how quarterback Allen has been inadequate to “turn the ball around in the crucial situations.” He concluded this point by saying:

In this situation, they're right now on the outside looking in and get to the playoffs. They very well could be with a host of other teams sitting and watching the games come playoff time.

How did QB Josh Allen put the Week 10 loss blame on the whole team?

After the loss to the Broncos in week 10, quarterback Allen blamed the whole team for not coordinating on the field, and falling to a 5-5 record. He believes there shouldn’t have been the case of taking the play down to the last-second field goal. Their penalty landed the Broncos their last opportunity to score the win, and they did.

Josh Allen
Josh Allen (Via San Diego Union)

For the wild card in the AFC, the Bills rank behind the Houston Texans by just half a game, and one and a half games behind the Miami Dolphins within the AFC East division.

As the team moves forward ranked 10th in the AFC, the quarterback still has hope for his team, believing they can turn this around as they still have time, not plenty but enough. He has expressed his confidence in his team which will be proved in the coming game against the New York Jets next Sunday.

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