“S**t ain’t that serious!” LeBron James slams the NFL for suspending young cameraman over Tyreek Hill’s celebration

Tyreek Hill, after scoring a touchdown, grabbed a cameraman's phone and filmed himself doing a backflip.

“S**t ain’t that serious!” LeBron James slams the NFL for suspending young cameraman over Tyreek Hill’s celebration

LeBron James and Tyreek Hill with Kevin Fitzgibbons (Via SportsRush/CNN)

Lately, the NFL has witnessed all sorts of unique celebrations. Earlier it was Zay Flowers‘ flower celebration and now this time, it is Tyreek Hill‘s celebration. But suspending the cameraman who participated in it seems a bit too far. At least, that’s what the NBA star LeBron James thinks.

After scoring six in the game against the Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins wideout Hill raced through the end zone. There he caught his photographer and good friend Kevin Fitzgibbons filming him. To add more charm to it and intensify the celebration, Hill took the camera from him and carried out a selfie backflip. They both were in great spirits, capturing one of the best moments in the NFL this year.


However, their actions had to serve severe consequences as the referees penalized Hill for using a prop during the game and also fined him. While his cameraman Fitzgibbons’ credentials were pulled for the rest of the 2023 season. Although he couldn’t say much other than to accept the decision by the officials, the Lakers forward stood in his defense.

In a recent Instagram story, James posted a picture of the suspension news with the caption:

 Man this is F'd UP!!! Suspended for the year and possibly for good! C'mon NFL! Do better! Sh** ain't that serious.
LeBron James' Instagram story
LeBron James’ Instagram story (Via Instagram)

While talking about the matter, Fitzgibbons accepted the decision and also thanked the NFL for giving him the opportunity in the first place. While the All-Pro receiver Hill preferred not commenting on the matter, saying:

I would comment but I could get fined.

Everything about Tyreek Hill’s photographer Kevin Fitzgibbons

Dolphins’ wide receiver Hill’s photographer Fitzgibbons is a 20-year-old graduate of the University of Miami. He majored in Sports and Fitness Administration/Management. He started taking an interest in photography in junior high school where he used to capture or record the highlights of the school’s basketball team. After college, he got an internship at New York Giants where he worked with Saquon Barkley, James Conner and Tyreek Hill.

Tyreek Hill and his photog Kevin Fitzgibbons
Tyreek Hill and his photog Kevin Fitzgibbons (Via Daily Snark)

After that, he joined VaynerSports as a video editor and then Rosenhaus Sports as a content producer. He has also been freelancing with Bleacher Report since 2021. He started working with WR Hill when he joined Miami back in 2022.

Fitzgibbons also applied for a job to cover Miami Dolphins home games in 2022 and was hired as well. The two became good friends over time. However moving forward, Hill wouldn’t have Fitzgibbons anymore, capturing his highlights.


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