Rex Ryan bizarrely claims his wife could do a better job than Chargers HC Brandon Staley

Brandon Staley has a record of 23-22 so far as the Chargers' head coach.

Rex Ryan bizarrely claims his wife could do a better job than Chargers HC Brandon Staley

Brandon Staley (L - via NBC Sports) and Rex Ryan (R - via YouTube)

The Los Angeles Chargers are having a bad season. After reaching the playoffs for the first time under the Brandon Staley era last year, they were expected to better that and make a deep playoff run this season. However, after a rough start to the season, they are 4-7 through 11 games.

The Chargers have a good roster and one of the NFL’s most talented and highest-paid quarterbacks Justin Herbert, but they have still managed to lose 7 of their 11 games this season.


Their head coach Brandon Staley is under a lot of pressure. They have one of the worst defenses in the league, despite Staley being a defensive head coach. A lot of pundits have publicly called out Staley for his poor job in Los Angeles. One of those analysts is former New York Jets head coach and current ESPN pundit, Rex Ryan. He recently slammed Staley for his coaching job.

Ryan said on the latest episode of the ESPN show, Get Up:

I think he should back in Division III football where he belongs. Look at his résumé, man. I mean, I'm sorry, dude comes in there one year coordinating a team that my wife could coach, alright, with Aaron Donald, all those guys. Stop it. Trust me, she'd do a helluva lot better job than this guy's doing with this defense. They're the second highest payroll in the National Football League on defense, and they're the second worst. This team is atrocious.

The Chargers lost their week 12 game against the Ravens, 20-10. This was their third loss on the trot as they have now slipped to 4-7 for the season. Their next game is against the New England Patriots and Staley will hope to win that game. If not, then the pressure on the head coach will intensify.


Brandon Staley laments the Chargers’ turnovers in their loss to the Ravens on Sunday

The Los Angeles Chargers suffered their seventh loss of the season against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. It was a turnover-heavy game for the Chargers as they lost to the Ravens by 10 points. Their head coach Brandon Staley talked about it after the game.

Brandon Staley
Brandon Staley (via Sky Sports)

Staley said:

That was certainly the difference in the game, and it usually is in the NFL. When you turn the ball over three times and don't get any, your chances of winning aren't very good, especially when you're playing a team like Baltimore, it's going to be really tough. Just didn't play well enough, clean enough, to win tonight.

The Chargers will visit the Gillette Stadium for their next game against the New England Patriots. They will be favored to win that game, but the Chargers have been on a three-game losing streak. It will be a tough outing for the Los Angeles-based team.


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