WATCH: Browns’ Myles Garrett picking up Steelers QB’s helmet on the field gave everyone Mason Rudolph flashbacks

On Sunday, the Browns managed to defeat the Steelers in their week 11 matchup.

WATCH: Browns’ Myles Garrett picking up Steelers QB’s helmet on the field gave everyone Mason Rudolph flashbacks

Myles Garrett as #95 for the Browns (Images via Dan Gilbert/ X)

On Sunday, the Cleveland Browns, led by their rookie quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson, went against their AFC North division rivals Pittsburgh Steelers. The Browns managed to register a hard-fought victory against their arch-rivals. During the game, a hilarious moment happened when the Browns pass rusher Myles Garrett took the Steelers QB Kenny Pickett‘s helmet.


During the 3rd quarter of the game, the Steelers attempted a QB sneak to secure a first down on a short-yardage situation. Pickett was able to successfully secure the first down, but in the process, he lost his helmet. After the play, the Browns defensive end Myles Garrett saw the rogue helmet and took it in his hands.

Just four years ago, when Garrett got hold of a Steelers quarterback’s helmet, he ended up viciously beating then-Steelers QB Mason Rudolph. And now, when he got hold of Pickett’s helmet, the Steelers’ offensive tackle Broderick Jones immediately went to Garrett and secured the helmet from him. Garrett threw his hands up in the air to seemingly imply he wasn’t going to do anything with it. Check out the footage attached below.

The hilarious exchange drew the attention of NFL fans on social media, who started to remember the Mason Rudolph incident. 4 years ago, Garrett viciously and repeatedly hit Mason Rudolph with the quarterback’s helmet. Later, the star pass rusher claimed that Rudolph used a racial slur, which triggered the incident.


That incident resulted in an indefinite suspension for Myles Garrett, who eventually missed the remaining 2019 campaign. Rudolph received a $50,000 fine for his part in the incident, but the NFL never found any evidence of him using a racial slur.

Myles Garrett and the defense led the Browns to a win

The crucial week 11 game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cleveland Browns became a defensive showdown. Two of the top defenses in the league put on a show and eventually, the Browns came out on top.

Myles Garrett Browns Steelers
Myles Garrett (Image via Imago)

Garrett registered 2 sacks in the game, leading his team to a crucial victory after losing their star QB Deshaun Watson. The Steelers’ defense also had a solid outing and restricted the Browns to just 13 points, but their offense couldn’t outscore the Browns.

Nonetheless, the Browns improved to a 7 and 3 record and are in the hunt to win the AFC North division title for the first time since 2019. Next, they will go against the hot Denver Broncos in their week 12 matchup.


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