“Mahomes is an artist” NFL Twitter demands Emmy awards for Patrick Mahomes along with MVP for the win against the Bucs

Patrick Mahomes had one of his best career performances against the Bucs by beating them on Sunday.

Patrick Mahomes answered all the critics who thought that the QB is overrated and way out of his depth. Mahomes had a great game against the Bucs where the Chiefs were victorious 41-31. This game looked like the revenge of the Bucs beating the Chiefs in the Super Bowl game of 2021.

Patrick Mahomes made numerous aesthetically pleasing plays in the game including the 360 spin move play and the play for which he should receive an Oscar.

Mahomes fooled the entire Bucs defence by pointing at the left end of the scrimmage making the defence think that the play is going to work out in the left. Although that was just a distraction and the play happened in the centre where they easily scored the touchdown by reaching the end-zone.

The Kansas City Chiefs dominated the Bucs the entire game and their star QB Tom Brady is also not at his best due to some issues and concerns in his personal life.

Patrick Mahomes’ acting was applauded on Twitter and the QB went viral instantly. Mahomes is also trending on Twitter for his exception 360 turn pass that also helped get a touchdown. The Chiefs QB has the potential to be the NFL MVP this season.

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“Absolutely filthy!!”: Patrick Mahomes violates the Bucs defense by fooling them in the end-zone

Patrick Mahomes
"Mahomes is an artist" NFL Twitter demands Emmy awards for Patrick Mahomes along with MVP for the win against the Bucs 2

Credit should also be given to the Chiefs offensive co-ordiantor Andy Reid who designed this great play that clearly fooled the entire Bucs team and they didn’t know what hit them.

Twitter went crazy while praising Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs for their incredible victory. Brittany Mahomes, wife of Patrick Mahomes also didn’t hold back from tweeting about that same play.

Patrick Mahomes was the MVP of the game against the Bucs, although about him winning an Emmy for the play. I’m not sure about that.

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