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“In NFL, nice guys finish SOL”: Mike Florio believes Jimmy Garoppolo needs to get serious

NFL Analyst Mike Florio believes that Jimmy Garoppolo has to let go of his nice guy act and get serious about his future if he wants to have a job in this league

The San Francisco 49ers have two amazing QBs on their roster, Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo. Though Jimmy G is the starter, for now, his job is not secure. The quarterback has come up short for the 49ers in clutch moments and crucial games. In the latest playoff game against the Packers, Jimmy choked and failed to prove that he is a guaranteed starter in this league.

There is a belief around the entire league that Garoppolo comes off as a nice guy, maybe too nice. It is believed that he is willing to go with whatever situation comes to him and refuses to stand up for himself. His teammates, George Kittle and Mohamed Sanu in the I AM ATHLETE podcast, solidified this narrative by stating that Jimmy is willing to help his competitor, Trey Lance, and would understand if he got the starting QB’s job over him as well. Jimmy largely acts in the interest of the team, which may seem to be a good thing, but he takes it a bit too far at times.

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It’s time for Jimmy Garoppolo to “ditch” the act

Jimmy Garoppolo needs to get serious about his future

NFL Analyst Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk believes that it’s high time for Jimmy to “ditch the nice-guy routine” and get serious about the future.

Jimmy could be in a situation similar to Baker Mayfield, however, he still has a shot to get the starting QB’s job once again. The 49ers could just be stringing him along as well until they get a suitable trade offer in for him.

Jimmy has had shoulder surgery which led to teams being more careful before trading for the QB, despite this, the media believes that he will stick with the 49ers and not demand a trade come what may.

By this point, it is evident that in the NFL, teams always do what is best for them, just think about the DeAndre Hopkins trade, Deshaun Watson Trade, and some of the biggest trades that have shocked the league has shown us that teams are cold and ruthless.

It will be in the best interests of the 49ers to keep Jimmy G on the roster, he can be an amazing mentor to Trey Lance as well. If Lance were to get the starting QB job in 2022, Jimmy G will end up having to take a big cut in his salary, if he were to decline then in all likelihood he will be released.

This would not be in his best interest, he would end up being unemployed in a league with extremely competitive QBs, both in the starter position as well as in a backup role.

Jimmy has to be prepared for the worst, and he has to be willing to go to any extent to implement it because, “In the NFL, nice guys finish SOL. That’s what Jimmy will be if he just sits back and lets the team make decisions in its best interests without forcing them to consider his along the way.”

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