“Sports media won’t stop praising Joe Burrow,” Nick Adams calls out hypocrites for hyping Burrow’s abortion rights views against Aaron Rodgers’ Covid-19 vaccination saga

Nick Adams brought out the hypocrisy in sports media through their difference in the portrayal of Joe Burrow and Aaron Rodgers.

Joe Burrow and Aaron Rodgers

The United States’ Supreme court handed out a highly controversial verdict which banned abortion in the country as they overturned the Roe vs Wade ruling. This decision has paved the way for numerous protests all over the country as women seek basic human rights for themselves.

The issue is the raging topic in the whole of the United States and it was only fair that Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow gave his thoughts on it. The highly influential quarterback shared a post which basically said that he did not approve of the decision and was all for women wanting to protect themselves.

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Nick Adams called out the hypocrite media houses for their unequal treatment of Joe Burrow and Aaron Rodgers

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow

In the aftermath of that post by Burrow, Nick Adams who is an American author endorsed by former US president Donald Trump called the quarterback out for putting out his woke views into the public framework. To call him out he pulled up an incident with Aaron Rodgers last year which had garnered exceptional amount of hatred for the Packers player.

Aaron Rodgers was one of the leading athletes who doubted the effectives of the Covid-19 vaccine during the pandemic and also lied about his vaccination status to escape the wrath of the media.

He continued to maintain his stance on the Covid-19 vaccine and Nick Adams was quick to point out the hypocrisy shown by the media houses who have hyped up Burrow’s claims against abortion but came down hard on Rodgers for his personal stance on the vaccine.

Nick Adams wrote on his official Twitter account, “Aaron Rodgers refused to take the vaccine so the liberal sports media called him a murderer. Joe Burrow says he supports aborting children and the sports media won’t stop praising and lionizing him.”

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