“Hopefully this can be the right one”: Eli Manning believes Brian Daboll is the missing piece Daniel Jones needed to elevate his game

New York Giants legend Eli Manning expresses his belief in Daniel Jones and that coach Brian Daboll is the perfect mentor for him

Eli Manning and Daniel Jones
Eli Manning and Daniel Jones
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Daniel Jones is on his last straw with the New York Giants organization. This season should mean a lot more to him in comparison to any of his previous years as if he fails to perform now, he will lose his role as a starter in the NFL. There is a lot of optimism that Jones will be able to perform well as there is a new coach in the organization, Brian Daboll. It’s a fresh start for the NY Giants.

Ahead of this make-or-break season, former Giants quarterback Eli Manning spoke to NFL Network about what he hopes to see from Jones this season. He has full faith in the quarterback and knows that he has been working his tail off as he is familiar with his work ethic. The team has not had a good season for a long time but who knows, maybe the future is more optimistic.

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“The atmosphere has changed”: Eli Manning on the New York Giants locker room

Eli Manning and Daniel Jones
Eli Manning and Daniel Jones

Brian Daboll has reportedly made the locker room more upbeat and a much more comfortable place to be around, he carries a positive aura around him. The team had a disappointing season in 2021 with a record of 4-13 but hopefully, there is no way to go but up for the Giants’ record.

“I think with coach Daboll, and what they’re doing, and that staff and Joe Schoen (General Manager), having been around the facility, the atmosphere has changed. I’m excited for Daniel, I know he’s worked extremely hard and been through a lot of offenses, a lot of coaching changes, so hopefully, this can be the right one” Eli Manning stated. The quarterback was put in a bad position, it is not ideal for any player to undergo multiple coaching changes in the initial years of his career and excel after this.

Daniel was the 6th pick in the 2019 NFL draft, he is in the last year of his rookie contract and this also happens to be his last chance to prove to the Giants that they got a quarterback they can rely on. New York is yet to pick up his fifth-year option.

Eli Manning further stated that Jones has been negatively impacted by the need to adapt to new offenses on multiple occasions. No matter how high your football IQ is, that is hard to do and most players tend to have 3 to 4 coaches their entire career but Jones has had that many in just 4 years in the league.

Brian Daboll
Brian Daboll will determine the course of Daniel Jones’ future

“By my fifth year, I had been in the same offense the whole time, I knew it, I could coach it up, new guys are coming in, I was speaking the same language as my offensive coordinator and Head Coach Tom Coughlin and kind of preaching the same stuff, with Daniel, it’s all new and it’s learning, and he’s consistently trying to learn and learn and learn, and it just takes some time before it all sinks in.” Eli Manning concludes. Eli points out how he was comfortable with the entire offensive playbook by his fifth year as he had one Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator for a long time. That element of consistency helped him excel and get comfortable with all the plays.

Brian Daboll is Daniel Jones’ last shot at proving himself. Daboll was the OC for the Buffalo Bill before and he had a lot to do in grooming Josh Allen into the star he is today. Daniel Jones will be his next assignment and this will also test his skills to the max. New York has not been in the postseason for a long time, the team has attempted to rebuild multiple times but has unsuccessfully done so.

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