“He’s a big question mark!” Nick Wright labels Brock Purdy as the ‘Niners weak link’ despite just one bad performance against the Browns

Nick Wright had earlier dubbed Patrick Mahomes as MVP favorite instead of Purdy for the ongoing season.

“He’s a big question mark!” Nick Wright labels Brock Purdy as the ‘Niners weak link’ despite just one bad performance against the Browns

Brock Purdy and Nick Wright (via Imago)

The NFL crowd who are aware of the game know that analyst Nick Wright is not too fond of Brock Purdy, the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers. The analyst said that Purdy is not a favorite to win the MVP award this season, despite continuous resistance from his fellow panelists on ‘First Things First’. Not only that, but Wright also expressed his love for his favorite quarterback, Patrick Mahomes in the same segment.


Now, after the 49ers had a shocking defeat at the hands of the Cleveland Browns, Wright took a dig again at Purdy. He even criticized the other two panelists who tried to hold Purdy’s supremacy in the earlier episode. Nick hinted that Purdy is as good as his team. If his team fails then Purdy also.does not get a lot of chances to do something good. 

In a recent episode of the show, the analyst said, “Brock Purdy exposed! –Shocker ! That all of a suffen Purdy had to play without the Avengers squad of skilled position players he looked a lot like when Nick Mullens was the 49ers QB. And Shocker! He’s a big question mark and the Niners weak link.” 

He further added that the real MVP talk deserving was not Brock Purdy but Christian McCaffrey. The analyst said that it was he who was carrying the team in the days of success. When McCaffrey left the field the offense got shattered and Purdy was helpless. According to Nick, Purdy is no longer a leading MVP prospect anymore. 


Wright was earlier slammed on Twitter for his remark on Purdy. However, this time netizens did not spend a lot of words hammering him. 

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Brock Purdy’s performance against the Browns was average 

Purdy was below par-against the Browns. The performance was one of the worst in his short career in the league so far.

Brock Purdy
Brock Purdy (Via Imago)

He completed just 12 of his 27 passes, threw one touchdown, and registered an interception; his first in this league. He hardly created a threat to the opponent box. His first regular-season losing performance attracted a lot of criticism. 


In six games this season, Purdy has covered 1,396 passing yards and registered 10 touchdowns. With 76.9 QBR, he is still leading the QB tally. 

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