“It’s about how guys fight!” Patrick Mahomes zeros down on the importance of winning ugly following comeback win over the Raiders

The Chiefs were staring at a 0-14 score at one point in the game against the Raiders.

“It’s about how guys fight!” Patrick Mahomes zeros down on the importance of winning ugly following comeback win over the Raiders

Patrick Mahomes (via Imago)

Another clutch moment came from Patrick Mahomes on Sunday when he led his team Kansas City Chiefs as they beat the Las Vegas Raiders 31-17. It was a hard-fought battle for the Chiefs who were down by 0-14 after the start of the second quarter. However, the entire team pulled up their sleeves and provided what was needed the most.

After the game, the last year’s MVP winner spoke with the media about the game. In an interaction with CBS Network’s Melanie Collins, the QB said,

I just wanted to win it. At the end of the day, it is not always pretty. It is how the guys fight. Even though we were down by 14-0, we just kept fighting. That is how things have gone our way. We gotta keep getting better.

Comebacks and clutch victories have become the Chiefs’ way of playing football over the last few years. There was a time when Patrick Mahomes used to throw the ball to arrange turnarounds from double-digit deficits. The fans witnessed epic comeback encounters in the Chiefs’ two Super Bowl-winning seasons.

However, the 2023-24 season has been a significant exception from what the Chiefs used to do. They have mostly dominated the league and won matches by dominating from the first quarter. It was only against the Broncos when the Chiefs suffered a deficit in points in the first two quarters and the loss.

The game against the Raiders could have been a repeat telecast of the same. However, this time, the Chefs reminisced about their older selves. It was none other than Patrick Mahomes, who led his team to three consecutive drives that ended in a touchdown. Their comeback drive started from there and Mahomes led it with two touchdowns for 298 yards.

Raiders got dismantled by Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs

The Las Vegas Raiders suffered their second consecutive loss. Despite starting the game well and grabbing two touchdowns within the second quarter. However, the team failed to carry the momentum on and choked brutally in consecutive quarters.

Antonio Pierce
Antonio Pierce (Via YouTube screengrab)

The transition is not having any direct impact on the Raiders. They did a golden handshake with their former coach Josh McDaniels and placed Antonio Pierce as the interim head coach. Pierce ensured a victory in their very first game and the fans thought that Pierce could provide a redemption. However, the winning momentum suffered a big blow in the next two games.

With four wins and seven losses, the Raiders do not have any hopes left from the present season. Coach Pierce can go for a few wins in the next games to gain more oxygen for the 2024 season.

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