WATCH: Ravens WR Zay Flowers hits Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic ‘SIUU’ celebration for scoring a touchdown against the Chargers

The rookie WR is coming up with creative celebrations on every TD.

WATCH: Ravens WR Zay Flowers hits Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic ‘SIUU’ celebration for scoring a touchdown against the Chargers

Zay Flowers in Cristiano Ronaldo mood (Via FOX/X)

Cristiano Ronaldo‘s ‘SIUU’ celebration has knocked on the doors of the NFL arena after impacting hundreds of thousands across the world. After the victory against the Los Angeles Chargers, Zay Flowers, the rookie wideout for the Baltimore Ravens, imitated the soccer superstar’s gesture to celebrate the victory.

The wideout placed the ball on the spot to score a mock penalty against his teammate as a mode of celebration. He scored the goal successfully and then imitated the ‘SIU’ celebration. A video that went viral after capturing the entire moment earned a lot of positive feedback on social media.

The performance that Flowers showed on the turf deserved a special celebration. The WR not only improved his individual stats but also took a major role in sealing the game for his side. He was the first one to register a TD from Lamar Jackson‘s three-yard pass that gave a much-needed lead to the team.

After trailing for a few moments during the first quarter, the Ravens took the lead from the rookie wideout’s movement. He later secured the victory for his team with another touchdown that took the Ravens to 20 points. This time it was a 37-yard run from the rookie.

The second TD from Flower came at a very crucial moment. The Chargers were fighting back and were trailing only by three points. The score was at 10-13 and a TD was much needed for the Ravens to seal the game. Flowers did the exact same thing and secured another victory for his team.

With the win against the Chargers, the Ravens moved on to a 9-3 record after 12 games. As things are currently, they are targeting to end the regular season as the top seed from the AFC.

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Record breaking night for Lamar Jackson against Chargers

It was a record-breaking night for Lamar Jackson, who became the fastest QB to cover 500 rushing yards. He completed 5000 yards in his 82nd appearance for the Ravens and broke Michael Vick‘s previous record in 104 games.

Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson (SI)

Jackson was decent against the Chargers with one touchdown for 177 passing yards. In addition to that, the QB rushed for 35 more yards. He had a clean game with zero interceptions to boost.

The Ravens are getting the fittest version of Jackson this season since his 2019 MVP year. The fit Jackson is providing for his team when it is needed. The Ravens are at the top of their conference and playoffs are looking pretty easy for them.

With the comfortable position the team has achieved, the fans will like to watch more ‘SIUU’ celebrations from the QB as well. Hopefully, Zay Flowers doesn’t get rejected by Jackson like during the wedding bouquet celebration in the same game.

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