“They stink!” Rex Ryan launches a verbal attack on Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe urging Bill Belichick to name his ‘dang’ starter beforehand

Rex Ryan fired his shots in the Monday episode of the ESPN show Get Up.

“They stink!” Rex Ryan launches a verbal attack on Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe urging Bill Belichick to name his ‘dang’ starter beforehand

Bailey Zappe and Mac Jones (Credits: Imago) Rex Ryan (M - Via ESPN)

Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots are having one of the worst campaigns in the franchise’s history. They fell to an ugly 2-9 record on Sunday following their rough loss against the New York Giants. The next day, Belichick’s former rival Rex Ryan jumped on ESPN to launch a verbal attack on Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe over their abysmal campaign.


During Monday’s episode of the ESPN show Get Up, the former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan didn’t mince words while calling out Belichick for remaining non-committed to a single quarterback.

Bill Belichick, please stop. Just name your dang starter. It doesn't matter, they both stink. Whether it's Zappe, Pea Shooter Jones. We don't care. They stink. Just go ahead and save the drama. Like we care about your team, your team stinks!
Ryan said on ESPN’s Get Up.

Both Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe haven’t proven to be reliable for the Patriots. In their Sunday’s loss against the Giants, Jones and Zappe combined for 143 passing yards and 3 interceptions. They really did put on a stinker performance against one of the worst teams in the entire league.

Following the game, Belichick went on to say that the team is not looking to add any quarterbacks from outside currently. However, he did not entirely rule out the possibility of them roping in another signal-caller. He said that he would look and evaluate every position and do anything needed to make their team better.


Rex Ryan believes Tom Brady was the ‘Patriots Way’

Ever since Tom BradyR left the New England Patriots to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in 2020, head coach Bill Belichick has been on the receiving end of harsh criticisms from several experts. In that trend, the former Jets HC Rex Ryan has now given his two cents about the Belichick-Brady debate.

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Bill Belichick (Image via SI)
This team plays like they’re exhausted and the ‘Patriot Way,’ that’s it. It exhausts these kids. Tom Brady was the only reason you won anyway.
Ryan said on Monday’s edition of ESPN’s Get Up.

Furthermore, Ryan went on to acknowledge that Belichick is the greatest coach of all time and how he has been beaten by Belichick in their past battles. But Ryan credits all that success to Brady.

Bill Belichick, greatest in the history, I will never dispute that. I’ve had my a-- kicked by him a million times but if you think for a minute it wasn’t about Tom Brady, you’re absolutely crazy.

Nonetheless, the veteran head coach is currently having the worst campaign of his career which spans over two decades. There are rumors he might even get axed at the end of the season if things don’t turn around in his favor.

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