Robert Griffin III calls out Lamar Jackson’s haters over unnecessary criticism of the QB following his ’emphatic’ win over an injured Joe Burrow

The Baltimore Ravens secured a crucial victory against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Robert Griffin III calls out Lamar Jackson’s haters over unnecessary criticism of the QB following his ’emphatic’ win over an injured Joe Burrow

Robert Griffin III, Lamar Jackson and Joe Burrow (via IMAGO and Cincy Jungle)

Lamar Jackson silenced his critics with a stellar performance against the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday Night Football. The quarterback was criticized after getting outplayed by C.J. Stroud in the match against the Houston Texans. He came back with a strong performance and secured a victory in a match that was extremely crucial. The Ravens moved on to 8-3 after their 11 games and slowly they are marching on to the playoffs.

Jackson covered 264 passing yards with two touchdowns and completed 16 of his 26 passing attempts. In addition to this, he rushed for 54 yards. The flip-flops and spins troubled the Bengals’ defense. His cheeky pass to the Ravens’ running back gave the team a handy lead in the game.


His electrifying performance impressed former quarterback Robert Griffin III so much that openly hailed the QB on his social media account. The former Ravens man wrote:

Instead of giving Lamar Jackson his credit, the Lamar Hater Brigade will simply say they still don’t trust him because Joe Burrow didn’t play the whole game or simply won’t talk about how impressive his 2 TD, ZERO turnover, and 121.3 QB rating performance was.

The game between the Bengals and the Ravens had some interesting moments. One of them came when Joe Burrow, the quarterback for the Bengals left the field with an injury in his arm. He seemed frustrated as the injury looked heavy. It is unsure when the most expensive quarterback in the league will have his return to the field.

With his departure, it was evident that the Bengals team would not get a chance for a possible comeback. And that happened. The Ravens strengthened their lead and emerged victorious at the end.


Injuries can cause some serious threat to the Baltimore Ravens’ NFL campaign

Despite a successful win, the Baltimore Ravens will be a bit concerned over injuries. Their tight-end (TE) Mark Andrews suffered an ankle injury against the Bengals. It seemed a season-ending one as his ankle suffered a big blow from a hip-drop tackle. The TE would go through an MRI on Friday.

In addition to Andrews, Odell Beckham Jr. the wide receiver of the team also suffered an injury on his shoulder. However, the WR is confident about coming back on the field very soon. He even said that he would have some days to recover. It is to be seen whether he makes his comeback. Last time, he suffered an ACL injury and missed the entire 2022 season.

Odell Beckham Jr.
Odell Beckham Jr. (Via ESPN)

With all these injuries, the Ravens will face a tough challenge. Last season, they failed to qualify for the playoffs. It is to be seen whether they manage to go to the playoffs this season.


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