“Should be fired!” – NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell gets his contract extended till 2027, fans condemn the decision

The NFL's Compensation Committee and the owners have agreed to extend Roger Goodell's contract through March 2027.

“Should be fired!” – NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell gets his contract extended till 2027, fans condemn the decision

Roger Goodell's strategies have resulted in the NFL viewership skyrocketing this season. (IMAGE: AP)

When it comes to the battle of the commissioners, the late and great David Stern will always remain at the top of the list. He led the NBA for three decades and took it to heights it had never been before. While nobody can beat him, there are individuals who can come close, and Roger Goodell is that man. The Commissioner for the NFL has been at the top for 17 years, and as per the latest decision of the owners across the league, he will remain there until March 2024.

The NFL owners finalized a contract extension for the commissioner, which puts a definitive end to rumors that he would be stepping away after his contract expires next year, Ian Rapoport announced. 


It comes as no surprise, Roger Goodell has made the NFL one of the most profitable and richest leagues in the world. Due to the moves made by him, the league generates nearly $20 billion on an annual basis.

He is getting up there in age as by the time his new contract comes to an end, he will be 68 years of age. Currently, no other commissioner in all of sports wields as much influence as Roger Goodell does and if one observes it from the owners’ perspective, this decision was an easy one to make for them.

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Roger Goodell will be 71 years of age when his contract extension runs out

It will not be a cakewalk to replace Roger Goodell. In nearly two decades of being the commissioner of the league, he has not just helped build it and make it more popular every year, but even during times of crisis, such as the incident surrounding Colin Kaepernick and players kneeling during the national anthem, he remained firm like a rock and did not let public opinion sway him.

Roger Goodell's reign as the NFL Commissioner has not been one without controversy. (IMAGE: AP)
Roger Goodell’s reign as the NFL Commissioner has not been one without controversy. (IMAGE: AP)

Goodell has also come under fire for the manner in which he determines the suspensions of players and coaches, but in the bigger picture, all of these shortcomings get easily overshadowed by what he has done for the league.

His current contract pays him an estimated $200 million in total, and a significant chunk of it comes from incentives and bonuses. The man has spent his entire life working for the NFL and knows the business inside out.


It comes as no surprise that his owners love him and would hate to see him leave. But when it comes to fans, it’s a totally different story. Fans do not appreciate Roger Goodell on the same level as owners do. They have their reasons, as Goodell has made the NFL function like a true corporation. During his tenure, some of the biggest issues have been as follows:

  1. Deflategate
  2. Spygate
  3. Players kneeling during the national anthem
  4. The Ray Rice Domestic Violence fiasco
  5. 2011 players lockout
  6. Concussion settlements

During each of these issues, the commissioner made sure the league suffered minimal financial damage, and it did come at the cost of those at the receiving end of these issues. It comes as no surprise that after the news broke out regarding his extension, fans expressed their frustration via X.

Irrespective of the hate and disrespect, Commissioner Goodell has helped the league grow in many aspects and it comes as no surprise that the owners decided to extend his contract.


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