“The San Francisco 49ers aren’t sure about Trey Lance”: Peter King believes that Jimmy G’s time as a starter may not be over yet

Peter King shares his thoughts on the state of affairs in the San Francisco 49ers and what Deebo Samuel's absence from OTAs means for the team

Trey Lance

The San Francisco 49ers have a lot going on within the organization. The team has not yet decided on a starting quarterback even despite OTA or organized team activities commencing across the league. Although the rumor mill points out that Trey Lance will be starting over veteran Jimmy Garoppolo, nothing is set in stone yet. In addition to this, the team’s wideout Deebo Samuel who demanded to be traded earlier as he felt that he was not being used in the right plays but later on changed his mind and decided to remain a 49er has not shown up to the OTA.

Though this does not mean much as there are no trade talks for Deebo going on, it is not that big of an issue either unless he decides to hold out for the remainder of the season. This is his last year in terms of the contract he signed with the team. So either the team pays him and renegotiates his terms or he will play this season and then look for greener pastures next year.

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“We want to make you one of the highest-paid players in the game”: Peter King believes the 49ers want to pay Samuel

Deebo Samuel
Trey Lance is likely the reason that Deebo Samuel considered returning to the 49ers

Peter King appeared on the Rich Eisen Show and shared his two cents on the Deebo Samuel situation, he believes that GM John Lynch is just waiting the situation out. This allows the parties involved to relax and calm down, if he acts immediately, in all likelihood tempers will flare and it will be a lose-lose situation for Samuel and the 49ers.

“Listen, we absolutely, unequivocally don’t want to trade you, we want to make you one of the highest-paid players in the game, we need to do that within the framework of keeping a great team together. That means if you do a contract with Deebo Samuel, you can guarantee him a lot but it cannot be a lot this year.” Peter King believes that Deebo will not get the bag this year as the team still has Jimmy G on the roster. They have not been aggressively pursuing trade offers for him but at the same time, they do not intend to retain him as the QB1 for their franchise either. Nobody across the league is interested in Jimmy and they do not want to give a whole lot up for him either.

The team wants to keep Jimmy G as a backup in case Trey Lance cannot perform. Coming back to Deebo Samuel, “I would trust John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan to know how to best structure this deal with Deebo Samuel but unless he is absolutely adamant that he will never play a game for the 49ers, I would let this thing go and let everything rest.” Peter King says that unless Samuel holds out the 49ers should not rush into offering any long-term deal with the wideout as there are a lot of variables in this situation.

Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy Garoppolo’s future in the league is uncertain

The San Francisco 49ers have moved on from Jimmy G, the only reason that he is supposedly on the roster is that he is rehabbing that injured shoulder of his. The active question now is, assuming Trey Lance starts the season off as he is actively practicing with all the starters and bonding with his teammates, “What if after the first month of the season, you’re 1-4 and Trey Lance is playing like crap? This is one of the reasons why we(49ers) have to seriously think about keeping Jimmy Garppolo because we are not sure about Trey Lance and we are not willing to throw the season away,” Peter King brings up an interesting point which means that maybe all is not over for Jimmy in San Francisco yet, he still has a shot to get his job back.

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