“Deebo Samuel knows this team LOVES HIM!”: 49ers TE George Kittle reveals a huge secret on WR’s future at the franchise

George Kittle talked about his last chat with Deebo Samuel and said that the former seemed content with staying at the San Francisco 49ers.

Samuel Deebo and George Kittle

There was a lot of talk surrounding the relationship between Deebo Samuel and the San Francisco 49ers. Samuel had made it very clear that he didn’t intend to stay on the West Coast anymore and had handed in a trade request to the 49ers.

However that didn’t happen and it looks like Deebo Samuel will be staying with the San Francisco 49ers. Although there has been no official statement from Deebo Samuel as to why he wants to leave, he had made it pretty clear for everyone.

Deebo Samuel has not yet decided his future at the franchise

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George Kittle

Tight End George Kittle recently appeared on the Rich Eisen Show and was quizzed on the status of Deebo Samuel. Kittle responded by saying that he had talked with Samuel just a few days ago. George Kittle didn’t have an exact conversation about Samuel’s contract situation, he concluded that the latter seemed to be in a good place.

Furthermore Kittle added that Deebo Samuel knows the entire team loves him and wants him to stay.

“I actually talked to him a few days ago,” Kittle said on The Rich Eisen Show. “Yeah, he seemed like he was in a good mood. He was hanging out with his kid, who he just had. … I didn’t ask about his contract, so we were just talking about other things, where he’s training at, and we ended up talking about sneakers for a little bit because we both are sneakerheads.

“So that was our entire conversation, but he seems like he’s in a good place.I think Deebo knows that this team loves him. We’d love to have him here. If he wants to play somewhere else, hey, it is what it is. It’s a business, so I wish him nothing but the best of luck if he goes somewhere else.”

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