Seahawks QB Geno Smith aspires to ‘turn things around’ after big loss to the 49ers on Thanksgiving

With an not-so-perfect injured tricep, Smith completed 66 per cent of his passes for 180 yards.

Seahawks QB Geno Smith aspires to ‘turn things around’ after big loss to the 49ers on Thanksgiving

Geno Smith (Via Sporting News)

Despite the 9-8 last season, the biggest reason why the Seattle Seahawks secured the playoff spot was because of veteran quarterback Geno Smith. However this season, the chances look extremely slim for the team, especially after the bizarre loss against the San Francisco 49ers.


Right after entering the game, Seattle fell short, allowing the 49ers to take charge of the field as they did. However, once the Seahawks attempted to attain some momentum early with a 66-yard kickoff return by Dee Eskridge, it eventually didn’t work in their favour, and they ended up assembling a field goal.

Within just one year, Smith went from being a breakthrough to becoming the main reason for the Seahawks’ inability on Thanksgiving. After losing to the 49ers, Seattle recorded their third loss in the last four games, dropping their standings to 6-5. Smith and the offense lagged behind in all these losses, however, the quarterback still has faith in his team.

According to Seattle’s official website, Smith wrote:

I still believe in the guys that we have. Still believe in our coaches. Still believe in the players. I think it’s been a tough stretch for us, but I believe things will turn around.

QB Smith believes, moving forward, Seattle needs to work hard. As the team already has good players and coaches, all they need is to get that in play. He said:

There is no excuse for it. There are no words that I can say that will make it better. What needs to be done is we need to work harder. We need to find a way. We got a lot of talent. We got a lot of good players on this offense. We got the right coaches. So we got to believe, continue to stay consistent in our work, and then we just got to work harder and find a way.

Whether Seattle is actually implementing their quarterback’s words or not will be seen in next week’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.

How did Geno Smith and the Seahawks fail against the 49ers?

Right from the beginning, Seattle fell into the dug that they couldn’t get out of, until for a few moments in the second half. With the opponents, the 49ers were already in the lead by 21 points, it became inefficient for the Seahawks to overcome it. At last, they had to drop their weapons at a demoralizing 31-13 loss to the 49ers, on Thanksgiving.

Geno Smith against 49ers
Geno Smith against 49ers (Via

Quarterback Smith, who played with an injured tricep, completed 66 per cent of his passes for 180 yards. But unfortunately, he couldn’t lead the offense to score a touchdown for the second time in the past four games.


In the second half, Smith seemed to get back in sync with multiple scores, however, the 49ers sent out a devastating pass rush after him, causing him pressure and registering four out of the total of six sacks.

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