Skip Bayless makes a case for the Cowboys being ‘simply better’ than the Eagles ahead of much-anticipated matchup

The Eagles are set to visit the Cowboys on the 10th of December.

Skip Bayless makes a case for the Cowboys being ‘simply better’ than the Eagles ahead of much-anticipated matchup

Dak Prescott and Skip Bayless (Via NBC/Complex)

As Dallas Cowboys stands at 9-3 as a leading contender for the playoff, Skip Bayless couldn’t be happier. His team has surely made him proud with back-to-back four wins and with quarterback Dak Prescott in the MVP conversation at +325.

With such records, sports analysts have already declared them better than the Philadelphia Eagles, who are leading the NFC as the No. 1 seed. In a recent episode of ESPN’s Undisputed, Cowboys’ biggest fan and analyst Bayless proudly called his team better than the Eagles, as he has been saying from the beginning of this season.


Bayless said:

 I'm going to reiterate what I've said since the start of this season -- Dallas is simply better than overall top to bottom than Philadelphia. I'm going to boil this way down to simplicity for you [Keyshawn Johnson]. We have the number-one offense in the league scoring the most points per game in the league against the defense that has plummeted to 24th in the league in points allowed. We have the second-best offense on converting third down. They, Philadelphia's defense is dead last in stopping conversions on third down. Help me out. Do the math…that sounds mismatching to me.
Skip Bayless on UNDISPUTED

Defending the Eagles, sports analyst and former NFL wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson pointed out how the Cowboys only scored 23 points in the week 9 game against the Eagles, with the same defense as now.

However, Bayless wasn’t in the mood to get downplayed, and he sure has numbers to back his points. He highlighted:

[Prescott] threw for 173 yards just in the fourth quarter at their place. It's hard to do that because if you multiply 173 times 4, you've got record smashing.

Cowboys and Eagles are coming off to face each other in week 14, in a pivotal game for each of their NFC standings. As the former are just one game behind the latter if they won, it would take off Eagles from the NFC No. 1 seed and a tied season record of 10-3.

What are Dak Prescott’s MVP odds?

Heading to week 14 of this season, Cowboys star quarterback Prescott has grown to have the shortest odds of winning the most coveted individual NFL award, MVP at +325, behind the San Francisco 49ers QB Brock Purdy with +300. Right below Prescott, is the Eagles QB Jalen Hurts with +350 odds.

Prescott is leading the league in touchdown passes with 26, tied second in completion percentage with 70.1, and ranked fifth in passing yards with 3,234. Bayless highlighted:

He [Prescott] is coming off the momentum of knowing he shredded that defense [Eagles], even though Eric was all over him most of the night.
Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott (Via Marca)

Bayless also believes that even if the Eagles’ quarterback Hurts tried to outplay Prescott, “there’s no way he is going to do that.” However, he appreciated him as the “leader” and “playmaker,” what Prescott got was raw talent and explosive.

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