“That’s just soft!” Jordan Phillips hits back at Jason Kelce calling him out for ‘deliberately’ trying to injure Cam Jurgens

Phillips claimed he can't just come to a stand still when he sees an opposing player in motion on the line of scrimmage.

“That’s just soft!” Jordan Phillips hits back at Jason Kelce calling him out for ‘deliberately’ trying to injure Cam Jurgens

Jordan Phillips and Jason Kelce (Image via IMAGO)

Jordan Phillips had a fiery response to Jason Kelce‘s remarks. The Philadelphia Eagles center had accused the Buffalo Bills defensive tackle, intentionally targeting Eagles guard Cam Jurgens.


During a recent interview with WROC in Buffalo, Phillips placed his argument on the table. He claimed that it’s hard to pause when the opposing player gets into motion and the defender follows him to counter his move. Not only that, he completely dismissed Kelce’s accusation of harboring ill intent towards Jurgen.

I am 335 pounds. How am I going to stop regardless? How do I know that the ball isn't going? After I saw Jurgens move, I put my eyes on him, and I'm going to go. You can dish it out, obviously, but you can’t take it. That’s just soft.

The officials did not signal any fouls against the 31-year-old, which angered Kelce. According to the veteran, Phillips should have been shown a yellow card and called it an “absolute disgrace” from the NFL.

Jordan Phillips said Jason Kelce should be the last individual calling him out

The Philadelphia Eagles are famous for their “tush-push,” which may end up getting removed at the end of the season. It’s executed by shoving the quarterback over the line by the offensive linemen, as opposed to the quarterback sneak, which utilizes the QB being guarded by the center as they muscle themselves in.

“That’s just soft!” Jordan Phillips hits back at Jason Kelce calling him out for ‘deliberately’ trying to injure Cam Jurgens
Buffalo Bills DT Jordan Phillips (image via Bleacher Report)

Phillips claimed Kelce and the Eagles are good at maneuvering because the All-Pro defender always goes for his target’s knees. One of the main reasons for the method’s bad reputation is the number of players who get injured as a result of it.

When you look at the tush push, he dives at somebody’s knees every play and tries to roll them up. For him to speak about somebody being dirty, I don’t think he has any right or any means to call for a fine when he does a whole bunch of stuff. I think it’s crazy for him to even mention that.

Over the past few years, Klece has garnered a lot of attention because of the New Heights podcast. Recently, he was even nominated for the Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine. Phillips took a not-so-subtle dig at all the media coverage the 36-year-old gets.

He [Jason Kelce] is a well-respected guy around the league for whatever reason. Now he suddenly has a voice because he’s on his brother’s [Chiefs' TE Travis Kelce] podcast, and he thinks he can use it. But the way he’s using his voice doesn’t make any sense.

Well, the Eagles narrowly beat the Buffalo Bills 37-34 on the day. Currently, Phillie has a 10-2 record, while the Bills are 6-6.

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