“Might as well ban Steph Curry from shooting 3s” – Roger Goodell wanting to ban Eagles’ tush push play ‘permanently’ enrages fans on social media

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell wants to permanently ban the Tush Push play per reports.

“Might as well ban Steph Curry from shooting 3s” – Roger Goodell wanting to ban Eagles’ tush push play ‘permanently’ enrages fans on social media

Jalen Hurts attempting tush push play (L- Imago) and Roger Goodell (R- AP)

For more than a year, NFL fans and experts have been debating the legality of the controversial tush push play mastered by Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles. Some people have been advocating for the ban on rugby-style play while others have been supporting it. Amidst this situation, new reports suggest Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to get rid of the controversial play.

According to The Athletic’s reporter Dianna Russini, a league source revealed that NFL Commish wants to see the play eliminated from the sport permanently. Banning the play would have to be voted on by a competition committee which consists of 8 members and then it also needs to be voted on by at least 24 of 32 team owners in the league meeting.


It is important to note that the Eagles don’t have a single representation in the competition committee, while their NFC East rivals have 3 members in it. The Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen JonesNew York Giants owner John Mara, and the Washington Commanders, head coach Ron Rivera, make up 3 of the 8 members of the competition committee.

While multiple teams have their version of the tush push play, Jalen Hurts and the Eagles are the team that does it consistently in a successful way. Experts who want to see that play banned believe the tush push/brotherly shove is a dangerous play with a risk of serious injury.

Even the Eagles offensive lineman Jason Kelce has shared in the past that the controversial play can seriously go in the wrong way if not done in the right way.

All the weight and everything lying up on top of you, and you've got to wait for everybody else to get up before you can get up. It's a grueling play, for sure. And, you know, if you do it right, you're at the bottom. If you're not at the bottom, it usually didn't go well.
Kelce via NBC Sports

So, the league considering banning the play shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. They had a serious discussion about this specific topic during the 2023 off-season, but this time there would be more attention on getting rid of it.

Social media reacts to Roger Goodell wanting to ban the tush push play

Fans on social media had mixed reactions to reports about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wanting to ban the tush play. The play has been a big weapon for Jalen Hurts and the Eagles in short-yardage situations.

Roger Goodell SI 1
Roger Goodell (Image via SI)

So, most of the Eagles fans are not happy about the league considering banning it. Check out some of the reactions attached below.


Nonetheless, any rule changes have to be voted on by at least 24 of the 32 owners in the league. Until then, the Eagles can continue their dominance in short-yardage play with their version of the QB sneak.

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