“They’ve been looking for a QB since Aikman retired” – Social media hilariously trolls the Cowboys after reports suggested they were ‘intrigued’ by C. J. Stroud

Fans troll the Cowboys over possibly making a move to draft C. J. Stroud and moving on from Dak Prescott.

“They’ve been looking for a QB since Aikman retired” – Social media hilariously trolls the Cowboys after reports suggested they were ‘intrigued’ by C. J. Stroud

C. J. Stroud (Image via NBC Sports)

The Dallas Cowboys continued their tradition of disappointing their fans after a 12-5 season that ended in a divisional playoffs loss. The Cowboys haven’t been able to reach the NFC Championship game for the past 28 years, which is one of the largest droughts in the league. Dallas, which was once known as America’s Team, has lost all of its appeals and has become a joke to fans all around the league.

Dak Prescott delivered another poor season as he threw for just 2,860 yards, 23 touchdowns, and a career-high 15 interceptions. In the divisional loss against the San Francisco 49ers, Prescott threw two picks, which cost the Cowboys the game. Almost the majority of analysts and fans believe that the Cowboys should move on from Dak, but owner Jerry Jones isn’t budging from the fact that the Mississippi State alum is his franchise quarterback.


The Cowboys signed a four-year, $160 million deal contract extension with Prescott, which will make him a free agent in 2025. However, as per Sports Illustrated’s Mike Fisher, Dallas is “intrigued” by Ohio State quarterback C. J. Stroud. This sent shockwaves across the league because the Cowboys never showed any intentions of moving on from Prescott despite repeated failures.

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Are the Cowboys really drafting C. J. Stroud?

C. J. Stroud (Image via Ohio State Buckeyes)
C. J. Stroud (Jersey no.7) (Image via Ohio State Buckeyes)

C. J. Stroud has had an amazing season leading the Buckeyes last season. He had 3,688 yards passing, 41 touchdowns, and just six interceptions and was one of the finalists for the coveted Heisman Trophy. Dak Prescott had a subpar season and the Cowboys being “intrigued” by Stroud might just be a ruse to get the 29-year-old quarterback to get back in line and give his career-best performance in the next season.


However, stranger things have happened in the league, so the Cowboys thinking of scooping up Stroud might not be a pipe dream just yet. Dallas moving on from Prescott might give them the financial flexibility to hire more offensive weapons to pair with Ceedee Lamb, given that Stroud will be on a rookie contract. Cowboys fans were on cloud nine after hearing that their team was possibly moving on from Prescott.

Here are a few reactions of fans going crazy over the potential selection of C. J. Stroud.

The Cowboys have the 26th overall pick in the 2023 NFL draft, so they will have to trade Prescott and give up a few more draft picks if they are really thinking of drafting Stroud. It’ll be interesting to see if Dallas has really had enough of Prescott’s hollow promises or will they wait until he becomes a free agent.


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