Tom Brady’s ex-teammate Julian Edelman predicts the Ravens to reach the Super Bowl this season

Andrews would most likely be replaced by Isaiah Likely, the new starting tight end for the remaining season.

Tom Brady’s ex-teammate Julian Edelman predicts the Ravens to reach the Super Bowl this season

Julian Edelman and Ravens' QB (Via WMUR/The Cold Wire)

Based on the plays by the Baltimore Ravens this season, they sure look like a strong Super Bowl contender. And the former NFL wide receiver Julian Edelman has a firm belief in that.


The Ravens, who are leading the AFC North at 8-3 are the second team in the league to score eight wins this season, after the Philadelphia Eagles. Lamar Jackson-led Ravens were already in the lead aiming for the Lombardi Trophy in the coming February of next year. But after their game against the Cincinnati Bengals, the Ravens seemed to have emerged more prominently.

While talking about the matter, Edelman predicts the future for the Ravens in the Super Bowl, saying:

Speaking of Lamar and the Baltimore Ravens, the Baltimore Ravens are gonna represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, with the way they are playing right now.

Tom Brady‘s ex-teammate argued on a recent appearance on Fox Sports:

You look at their defense, they are top 5 in points allowed, yards per game. They are top 10 in third down and they are 3 on the red area.

Edelman believes or is rather scared of just one thing for the Ravens, as he said is the team’s tight end Mark Andrews‘ injury –cracked fibula and ankle ligament injury. Here is what he had to say about the same:

He's the safety blanket for Lamar. He's the comfort factor for him. He brings toughness to the offense.

Moving forward, the former Most Valuable Player also highlighted how wide receiver Zay Flowers has emerged this season. He said:

The emergence of Zay Flowers, whose been a bomb these last few weeks.

What does Mark Andrews’ injury mean for the Ravens?

With an amazing season, the Ravens hit a little speed bump when tight end Andrews suffered a season-ending injury, in the game against the Bengals. He has torn his ligament due to which he has to miss out for the remaining season.

Andrews, who is a key target for the QB Jackson, has been an important part of the team as he has led them in receiving yards several times. In the locker room, the 2019 NFL draft is considered to be an energy booster, and now that he is gone, it is likely to affect the team’s dynamic.

Mark Andrews
Mark Andrews (Via CNN)

Andrews would most likely be replaced by Isaiah Likely who was added as the fourth pick from Coastal Carolina last season. Replacing the star tight end would be a hefty job for the team, especially when they are so close in the playoff hunt.

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