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“He’d buy a five thousand bottle of wine just to take a sip”: Fred Taylor reveals how Tom Brady was a menace at the Patriots rookie dinners

Tom Brady was a menace in New England as he made rookies pay for expensive wines and used to just take a sip out of them and leave

Fred Taylor and Tom Brady

We all know Tom Brady as the GOAT, the quarterback that has multiple Super Bowl wins, multiple records, and so on. For the most part of his career, Tom has been a rather introverted person, this was largely due to the fact that he was in an organization where being yourself and engaging as a public figure was largely frowned upon. Bill Belichick established the Patriot Way which Tom followed till the very last day that he was in that organization. However, once he left New England, he left his old personality there as well.

The Brady that came over to Tampa is something different, he clearly speaks his mind and is more hilarious than ever. When Tom came to Tampa, we all found out he is human and has a likable personality as well. However, this is all in the public domain but Brady was a menace even before he got to Tampa, former Patriot, Fred Taylor shares his experience of how TB12 treated all the rookies when the team went out for dinners.

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“The bill comes back like 50, 60 thousand because Tom would come in there”: Fred Taylor shares his memory of Tom Brady making the rookies shell out money

Tom Brady showed the rookies their place in New England by making them splurge

In the NFL, the rookies usually defer to their veterans for advice on and off the field though they may get it, there are customs in every locker room, and the rules that vets set for rookies in their first year that they have to follow. In your first year in the league, you will get picked on and end up having to do the menial tasks of your vets. In New England, the case was the same. The team had a practice of rookie dinner where rookies paid for the entire team’s dinner.

Fred Taylor, one of the hosts of ‘The Pivot Podcast,‘ shared his rookie dinner memories in New England and also urged Garrett Wilson, the No. 10 pick in the 2022 draft to be ready to get a lot poorer.

“When I was in New England, the entire team went out on the rookies. All I know is that the bill comes back like 50, 60 thousand because Tom would come in there and buy a three, four, five thousand dollar bottle of wine, take one sip, quit it, and say goodnight,” Taylor states sharing how Tom had his own way of picking on the rookies.

Brady clearly has expensive tastes and also a unique way to show his rookies their place without actually messing with them on the football field. The question is, does Tom still do the same to the rooks in Tampa Bay, or has the quarterback changed his methods?

It is usually the top first-round picks that face the brunt of these customs, the players do it so that the rookies get humbled and do not come in riding in on their high horse due to the hype and attention that they would have received before the draft.

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