James Jones makes a bold prediction on 49ers QB Trey Lance; compares him with Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes

Check out what former Green Bay Packers wide receiver, James Jones said on 49ers' new starting quarterback Trey Lance.

James Jones on trey Lance

The San Francisco 49ers have made a huge call, to replace Jimmy Garoppolo as their starting quarterback ahead of the new season. They have decided to promote 2nd-year quarterback, Trey Lance as their primary man for 2022 after the last season ended in agony courtesy of Garoppolo’s poor performance in the playoffs.

During his rookie season, Trey Lance showed glimpses of his true potential which convinced the franchise to identify him as the man to replace the veteran quarterback. Former Green Bay Packers wide receiver, James Jones, however, foresees great things for the youngster.

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Trey Lance will take over as the First choice quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers next season

Trey Lance
Trey Lance

James Jones predicted that Lance will have a prolonged career, and will probably get into the category of Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes in the coming years. He also drew parallels between Lance and the younger versions of Mahomes and Rodgers, saying that they too had a small sample size before their breakout seasons.

“I believe we’re looking at a bonafide superstar, like the Patrick Mahomes, like the Aaron Rodgers,” Jones said, per NFL Total Access.

“We had a small sample size of Aaron Rodgers, but all you heard out of the locker room and the people around Aaron was, ‘Just wait. You wait and see.’ That was the same thing around Patrick Mahomes–small sample size but everybody’s like ‘Just wait, this kid’s gonna be special–and that’s the same thing coming out this Niners locker room about Trey Lance.”

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