“Bro has been starving for 3 years” – NFL Twitter left STUNNED by Russell Okung’s ‘insane’ weight loss after two years out of NFL

The offensive tackle retired from the sport after 2020 season.

“Bro has been starving for 3 years” – NFL Twitter left STUNNED by Russell Okung’s ‘insane’ weight loss after two years out of NFL

(Images via USA Today and Russell Okung/Twitter)

Russell Okung is a former American football player who played as an offensive tackle in the NFL for more than a decade with multiple teams. During his 11-year career, he has been to 2 Pro Bowls and also won the Super Bowl ring with the Seattle Seahawks. Okung retired from the sport following his 2020 campaign with the Carolina Panthers but the left tackle is making waves on social media now because of the remarkable body transition.

The former Seahawks tackle shared his insane weight loss progress on his social media account with the caption “REBORN” (coincidently or not) on Easter Sunday. Okung’s most recent playing weight was 310 pounds, but now according to the NFL Insider Mike Florio, Okung “seems to be” down to around 220 pounds.


Russell Okung was drafted by the Seahawks in the 1st round of the NFL Draft and played a crucial role in QB Russell Wilson and the Seattle-based football team winning the Super Bowl in 2013. The 2-time Pro Bowler then went on to play for the Denver Broncos, Los Angeles Chargers, and the Panthers in his career that spanned until 2020.

And now, more than 2 years after his retirement, the 6’5″ offensive lineman has shown the world his insane body transformation on social media. He looks unrecognizable in his recent photo and the NFL Twitter was left stunned by his progress.

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Social media reacts to Russell Okung’s body transformation

Russell Okung body transformation
(Image via SI)

NFL fans on social media were left flabbergasted by the remarkable body transformation of the former Super Bowl Champion offensive tackle Russell Okung, who is apparently lost almost 100 pounds in just 2 years.

The former Panthers left tackle Russell Okung was also the first ever NFL player to have his salary in Bitcoin. During the 2020 season, he reached an agreement with a third-party firm to convert half of his NFL salary to Bitcoin.

Offensive linemen losing weight after retirement has always been a thing. Several of the offensive linemen commit to losing weight once their playing days are over. Even most recently the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive guard and Tom Brady‘s teammate Ali Marpet lost a lot of weight soon after his retirement.


Other than Marpet, there are a lot of other offensive linemen who started cutting weight after retirement. Some of the notable ones are the former New England Patriots OL Sebastian Vollmer and the Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Famer Alan Faneca.

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