Ex-Patriots WR Wes Welker claims Tyreek Hill is a better all-around receiver than legendary Randy Moss

Tyreek Hill is currently on the route to grab the single season 2000+ receiving yards record.

Ex-Patriots WR Wes Welker claims Tyreek Hill is a better all-around receiver than legendary Randy Moss

(L)Randy Moss, (R) Tyreek Hill, (M) Wes Welker (Via Open Source/Screengrab/X)

The Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill is having a blast of a season. The WR is leading the most receiving yards, most receiving touchdowns, receiving yards per game, yards per touch, and yards per scrimmage. So far in 2023, the WR has registered 88 receptions for 1,324 yards and 10 touchdowns.


Ahead of the season, the WR announced that he would surpass 2,000 yards this year. If he continues at this pace, fans might see him take over Calvin Johnson‘s record for the most receiving yards (1,964). Hill has a great opportunity to surpass him.

With all these stats, very few people have doubts about whether Hill is presently the best WR or not. They are now up for a larger debate about whether Hill is among the best all-time players in the league. His position coach Wes Welker believes that Hill is better than the legendary wide receiver Randy Moss. Talking to the media on Thursday, Welker compared the two and gave his flowers to Hill.

Randy Moss was the best deep ball receiver in the game. But (Tyreek Hill) runs the whole route tree. Name a route he can’t run. How he approaches every day and every game is very impressive. That’s where he separates himself. 

Welker used to be one of the finest wide receivers of his time. He is a five-time Pro Bowl and two-time First-Team All-Pro wide receiver. The wideout also played with some of the best players of his time. He played with the two NFL icons Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. In addition to this, Welker also played with Moss. They both came to the New England Patriots in the same year.


Welker’s comments will boost Tyreek Hill’s confidence

Tyreek Hill is already on cloud nine this season, destroying all the opponents in his run. In this context, the comments from Welker will boost his confidence to a sky-high level. Welker is someone who closely watched all of the legends playing together. Hence his analysis holds significance.

Tyreek Hill
Tyreek Hill (Via Imago)

However, Hill is statistically behind Moss. In his eight years, Moss covered 10,700 yards. Hill needs to add 1000 more in six games to surpass that. Even if Hill makes it possible he will be behind in gaining more touchdowns.

Moss had 101 TDs after eight seasons. Hill is still at 73. However, Hill has an edge over having the best single season that Moss failed to have. If Hill makes it 2,000 yards, he is sure to end up in the Hall of Fame and can come a step closer to Moss.

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