“Josh don’t be a d*ck,” Zach Wilson’s mother savagely destroys internet troll’s comments on her body

Zach Wilson's mother, did not hold herself back on an internet troll who made mean comments on her.

Zach Wilson and his mother Lisa Wilson
Zach Wilson and his mother Lisa Wilson

Social media can often become a place for mean comments from people, who simply hide behind their social media handles to make inappropriate and hurtful comments at the expense of famous personalities. New York Jets quarterback, Zach Wilson’s mother who gained popularity after his son’s NFL 2021 draft, was on the receiving end of one such troll.

Lisa Wilson however, simply did not take the nonsense and gave back a brutal response to one such Josh, who would definitely remember it the next time he picks up his electronic device to make similar comments.

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Zach Wilson’s mother let a troll know that she did not care for his opinion

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The screenshot shared by Lisa Wilson

Lisa Wilson took to her official Instagram account to promote a local bakery where she started hyping up the donuts on her Instagram story. This prompted a certain guy named Josh to retort back to her saying that it looked like she had eaten all of the donuts.

The message read, “You look like you ate ALL the donuts – damn girl! Chill.”

However, Zach Wilson’s mother did not sit back and let the troll go off the hook. She posted a resounding message for Josh after sharing the screenshot for her followers to see exactly what he had written.

Lisa Wilson wrote, “Josh don’t be a dick. I was showing a small local business that is just trying to make it in a rough economy. You don’t know anything about me. You literally jumped on here with the intention to hurt someone’s feelings.

She further continued, “I wish I could say I cared what you think, but i just don’t. However, I am so sorry you’re such a miserable person. Hope you find some sunshine in your life.”

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