Zach Wilson breaks silence on Joe Namath’s ‘massive’ criticism of him due to Jets’ abysmal performance

Wilson remains positive in the face of adversity; even criticism from a retired great isn't wavering his confidence.

Zach Wilson breaks silence on Joe Namath’s ‘massive’ criticism of him due to Jets’ abysmal performance

Zach Wilson addressed Joe Namath's criticism regarding his Jets tenure (Image via YouTube/Jets)

The New York Jets were hoping to go the distance in 2023 after signing Aaron Rodgers. But the veteran quarterback’s season-ending injury pushed Zach Wilson back into the frame once more. Since then, the 24-year-old has struggled.

Even though the Jets won their first game, they were not so fortunate in the following weeks. Wilson’s debut as the primary quarterback ended in defeat, and his stats are nothing to boast about. So far, he has completed 44 of 84 passes for 467 yards (the Miami Dolphins threw more than 700 against the Denver Broncos), has a 52.4 passer rating, and threw four interceptions.


This has triggered an outcry from the Jets faithful to find a good replacement for Wilson. Even retired Jets great Joe Namath did not mince his words. The Hall of Fame quarterback said that he had enough of the BYU graduate. He advised head coach Robert Saleh to trade Wilson to the Kansas City Chiefs so that he could learn from Patrick Mahomes.

When a former legend of the team starts to doubt a player, that means something is very wrong. But Wilson is adamant that every individual in the Jets locker room is fighting together.

“Obviously, Joe was an unbelievable player,” Zach Wilson told the press after yesterday’s practice. “But this locker room is very tight-knit, and we’re working to get better. I know I need to improve, [and]  I promise I’m doing everything I can to keep trying to get better.”


Well, running back Breece Hall and liking a tweet regarding the situation in the Jets locker room might indicate otherwise. However, Wilson remains adamant that they will pull through the difficult phase.

“The focus is just to rely on each other in this locker room and lean on each other,” he added. “We’re going to keep trying to improve.”


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Zach Wilson claims everyone in the Jets locker room is united for a common goal

Every player on a team needs to be on the same page in order to go and get the job done when required. A single, uneven piece can disrupt that harmony. To most, the odd one out is Zach Wilson because of his poor showing for the Gang Green.

Zach Wilson breaks silence on Joe Namath’s ‘massive’ criticism of him due to Jets’ abysmal performance
Wilson during training camp (Image via IMAGO)

That may be true, but players still need to stick together when the going gets tough. Football is a results business, but that doesn’t mean that when the scenario is going in the wrong direction, the only option is to jump ship. Rather, a team will always find a solution to get around the problem. Wilson claims his teammates are together.


“We’re doing everything we can,” he said, wearing a black T-shirt with white block letters across the chest that read, “I GOT YOUR BACK.” “The narrative outside the locker room is different than the narrative inside. I truly believe all the guys in this locker room have my back, and I got theirs.”

Well, their bond will be tested when the Chiefs roll into town on Matchday 4. To pile on the media pressure, Taylor Swift will be present in the stands.

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