Rob Gronkowski Girlfriend: Meet the beautiful model and former Patriots cheerleader, Camille Kostek

The former Bucs tight end's girlfriend is as ravishing as his love life. Here are some details of SI swimsuit model.

Rob Gronkowski Girlfriend: Meet the beautiful model and former Patriots cheerleader, Camille Kostek

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Rob Gronkowski has been a popular name in the NFL and is now living a retired life with all peace and lavishness. His 11-year-long run in the NFL and the footballing abilities he displayed to the world brought him super fandom. Outside football, he is seen as an analyst, a TV Host, and a writer and has also given TV and Magazine cover appearances.

Nicknamed “Gronk” by his mates, Gronkowski developed the skills back in his early days of athletic descent. The noted player played 9 seasons with the New England Patriots, and during that time, he became quite enamored with Camille Kostek, who was a cheerleader for the team. Their romance began at a charity event, where they hit it off instantly, and they have been going strong ever since.

Well, coming back to Gronk’s insights, he also has shown his best tight-end skills In the last two seasons for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Gronkowski is a highly regarded player and is considered the greatest tight end in NFL history. Throughout his NFL career, he has racked up Super Bowl 4 times, Pro Bowl 5 times, and 4 times first-team All-Pro selection.

Coming out of high school, he played college football at the University of Arizona and has been in the limelight since then. While playing for the team, he was awarded titles like Freshman All-American, even though he played football only for 2 seasons. He later showed his interest in the NFL draft.

The New England Patriots picked Gronkowski as the 42nd pick in the 2010 NFL draft. Being in the team, he gave his all to reach the stature to which he is known now. His performance has been applauded and also holds the Patriots’ franchise record of total receiving touchdowns.

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Who is Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend, Camille Kostek?

Rob Gronkowski
(Image via Instagram)

Camille Kostek is a beauty with a brain who is an American model, actress, host, and even former cheerleader to the New England Patriots franchise. This beauty has added some bling to Gronk’s life since 2013 and is together sharing a home in Tampa, Florida.

Kostek has further added to her prominence by being a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and landing on their cover magazine for many editions. She is born and brought up in Connecticut and is the eldest of 4 siblings. She is of Polish, Irish, and Jamaican descent and is a trained dancer.

The gorgeous lady has a major in communications and started her career as a professional cheerleader for the United Football league when she was just 19. Later, in her Junior year in the university, she made it to the Patriots cheerleading group. Growing up in her career, she later turned into a TV host for ABS, CBS, Fox, etc.

She also took up modeling and acting later on and is seen working with reputed brands.

Talking about the duo, they first met at the Goodwill Charity Event in 2013, and after spending some time, developed an instant attraction towards each other. They soon exchanged numbers and kept their dating years under wraps for 2 years. It was in 2016 that their romance came out to light and was made public with a pic posted by Kostek on her Instagram.

This charming couple is seen together all along supporting each other in their respective career lines but sticking to a single journey of love. As known to the world, Kostek and Gronkowski share a bond that is unbreakable and is going stronger each year. They both are popular in their fields and are also tied together in fame. Meanwhile, Kostek’s boyfriend, Rob Gronkowski’s parents are Gordon Gronkowski and Diane Walters.

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