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“I’m so excited!” Shaq Barrett is overjoyed to have Todd Bowles as the Buccaneers’ new head coach

Bruce Arians' shock retirement resulted in the Buccaneers promoting Todd Bowles to the head coach role. Shaq Barrett was caught off guard by this but is extremely happy for his former defensive coordinator.

Todd Bowles and Shaq Barrett

With Bruce Arians’ shock retirement, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looked in house for his replacement and elected to promote defensive coordinator, Todd Bowles, to head coach. One of his defensive players, Shaq Barett, was stoked about Bowles’ promotion.

This isn’t the first time Todd Bowles has been a head coach in the NFL. That technically happened back in 2011 when he was the interim head coach for the Miami Dolphins but he was only there for 3 games in which he went 2-1. His first true season as a head coach was in 2015 when the New York Jets hired him to replace Rex Ryan.

Todd Bowles

His first season with the Jets was quite successful as he led them to a 10-6 record and narrowly missed out on the playoffs. That 2015 defense ranked 4th in yards allowed, 3rd in total turnovers, and 9th in total points allowed. Truly impressive marks. From then on, however, things wouldn’t be so impressive as over the next 3 seasons, the Jets wouldn’t have more than 5 wins in any of them.

Still, Todd Bowles had shown his potential to succeed with a high-caliber team and moreover, had more success as a defensive coordinator after being let go by the Jets following the 2018 season. That’s why this upcoming season is highly anticipated.

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Shaq Barrett showers Todd Bowles with praise

Shaq Barrett

Shaq Barret made an appearance on ‘SiriusXM NFL Radio’ where he was quoted saying “I’m so excited coach Bowles gets a chance to lead a team again and I’m happy he isn’t going nowhere. I know he was looking at head coaching jobs the last couple of years, I’m glad he’s able to find it with the Bucs.”

Barrett noted that he was completely shocked by the fact that Todd Bowles was the new head coach as he didn’t expect Bruce Arians to be retiring. In truth, no one really saw it coming. He clearly can’t wait to get going and Bowles himself is sure to be fired up to have this competitive roster at his hands.

The benefit of being a good team has its drawbacks, however. When a team comes into a season already loaded, they’re expected to do well and a lot of that pressure rests on the head coach’s shoulders. Having struggled in the past, Bowles will have to prove that he’s more than just a great coordinator and take the next step in 2022.

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