“He’s our quarterback”- Titans GM Jon Robinson believes Ryan Tannehill is still the best person to lead the Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson speaks up about the future of the team and quarterback Ryan Tannehill

Jon Robinson and Ryan Tannehill
Jon Robinson and Ryan Tannehill

The Tennessee Titans led by Ryan Tannehill were the No. 1 seed in the AFC heading into the playoffs and the expectations were high from them due to a great run in the regular season despite their main tool in the offense, Running-Back Derrick Henry missing the majority of it due to injury.

With Derrick Henry returning in time for the playoffs and the Titans getting bye from the wildcard round of playoffs due to being the No.1 seed, many people believed that the Titans will blow away the Cincinnati Bengals who had a young team and a young quarterback in Joe Burrow and most of them were in the playoffs for the first time.

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Evan McPherson with the game-winning field goal against the Titans.

That wasn’t the case though as the Cincinnati Bengals knocked out the No.1 seed in the AFC at their home because the Titans QB Ryan Tannehill had a huge meltdown as he was picked off 3 times including at the end of the 4th quarter which led to a walkway field goal win for the Bengals to reach the AFC Championship Game and shocking the entire world.

Since that loss, Ryan Tannehill’s future has been in doubts as rumors circulated about Titans moving on from him and looking forward to getting Aaron Rodgers who will be a massive upgrade over Ryan but in a recent statement made by the Titans GM Jon Robinson in which he said, “He’s our quarterback”. referring to Ryan Tannehill as the team believes he is still the right man for this job.

“He knows how much he means to us”- Jon Robinson on Ryan Tannehill

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Ryan Tannehill

The Tennessee Titans GM Jon Robinson in an interview with The Tennessean’s Ben Arthur talked about Tannehill and said, “Ryan’s a pro. He knows how much he means to us. Traded for that guy. Gave him an opportunity to start. The new contract,” Robinson said. “I think it’s pretty apparent where he stands with us. He’s our quarterback. I don’t know how many more times I gotta say it.”

He further said, “Nobody probably feels worse than Ryan. Not to speak for Ryan about the number of interceptions that went down this year and probably not all of them are on him. Sometimes, a DB makes a great play. Sometimes, a receiver may be off his spot. He may get pressured and the ball gets tipped.”

He added, “There’s a lot that goes into those plays. But ultimately, the quarterback is the one who bears the blame for it.”

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